Spain, Noven, Alfonso XI, variety?

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    Would like to find a reference number from a standard reference for the item below in order to fully attribute the coin. I have gotten as far as finding the Ruler, denomination and type with the help of my outdated Castan & Cayon 1979 'Las Monedas Espanolas' #289. There are however, several marks on the coin in hand that do not match. See description and digital images below.

    0.74 g.

    O: Castle enclosed within two square frames, one solid the other dotted. The mintmark 'B' (BURGOS) appears at the bottom center, overlapping the two frames.
    O: E+AL o REX CAS o TELL
    R: Rampant lion enclosed within two square frames, one solid the other dotted. Within the solid frame at upper left is noted a crescent. At lower left an 'X'. These are the marks that do not match.
    R: B+E o T LE o GIO o NIS o: The 'B' in the inscription appears to be an additional mintmark. The inscription itself also does not match the reverse for C&C 289 as a +(cross) is at the top of the coin instead of a 'T'. The legend for the reverse is however crudely rendered, so take the above as my first guess.


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    Examining the coin again it occurs to me that I have not seen the "extra" marks indicated by the red arrows on the the reverse of the coin above or any other billon medieval coins of Spain of the period 718-1400 AD.
    Have others noticed these or similar marks on the coins of the period 718-1400 AD in their collections, or elsewhere? Are these marks related to an engraver, mintmaster, both or ??? Any ideas, comments or thoughts most welcome.
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