South Dakota State Show/Ringneck Coin and Stamp Club Show report

Discussion in 'Coin Chat' started by Rushmore, Mar 7, 2021.

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    March 6 and 7 the South Dakota State Coin Show was held in conjunction with the annual Ringneck Coin and Stamp Club Show here in Aberdeen.

    For most of the dealers this was the first show for them in a year due to COVID. I went in early afternoon, not particularly busy due to the nice weather (mid 60s). Very few people wore masks, only one dealer was. I myself still wear one even though I've gotten both shots. When I was sitting a table looking at stuff one guy stood next to me eating a sandwich. Yuck!

    I talked to the bourse chair who is also our club president, he was doing good business wise. Will touch base with him later this week to go over receipts. (I'm the club treasurer).

    I was there Saturday for about 2-3 hours. Stopped in briefly Sunday on way to church to pick up some mylar holders.

    As for my buying I didn't do bad, below is what I got:

    1830 Large Cent G
    1843 Seated Dime G/AG
    1893-S Barber Quarter G
    1895-O Barber Quarter G
    1898-S Barber Quarter G
    1900-S Barber Quarter G
    1902-S Barber Quarter G
    2021 Tuskegee Airmen Quarter P n D BU

    Canada 1900 5 Cent G
    Canada 1903-H 5 Cent VG
    Canada 1906 5 Cent F
    Canada 1907 5 Cent F
    Canada 1914 5 Cent F
    Canada 1903-H Dime G
    Canada 1912 Quarter G
    Canada 1928 Quarter VG
    Canada 1954 50 Cent XF
    New Brunswick Cent 1861 G
    Nova Scotia 1861 Cent LR

    Brazil 1901 100 Reis
    Austria 1989 10 Shilling
    Australia 2006 50 Cent AU
    Jamaica 1993 Commemorative 5 Dollar BU
    Norway 1889 2 Ore
    Switzerland 1910 Half Franc
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