Something amiss on this?? Ebay 1901 S PCGS quarter

Discussion in 'US Coins Forum' started by majorbigtime, Oct 25, 2009.

  1. majorbigtime

    majorbigtime New Member

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  3. chip

    chip Novice collector

    I have only one example of this series, so I cannot say that I have done much studying of the series, perhaps it is an example of what the coinmanati call market grading, where a rare key date coin gets a grading bump?
  4. majorbigtime

    majorbigtime New Member

    Another school of thought is that the TPGs are tougher on key dates. If the coin/holder are legit, someone was asleep at the switch IMO.

    GDJMSP Numismatist Moderator

    What planet do you live on ? Because on the one where I live the TPG's routinely, and I mean routinely, over-grade keys. It would be the exception for them to grade one accurately. And it is unheard of for them to under-grade a key - any key !
  6. CamaroDMD

    CamaroDMD Supporter! Supporter

    I agree, I have never seen a key date under-graded...not even one time.
  7. Mark Feld

    Mark Feld Rare coin dealer

    Yes, something is amiss - your perception of how the
    grade key date coins.
  8. majorbigtime

    majorbigtime New Member

    Well, I have a 01S PCGS G04 that has full rims that stands head and shoulders above the coin in this auction. I don't know that mine is undergraded, but if you don't think the auction coins is overgraded I have some oceanfront property in Arizona for you.
  9. Mark Feld

    Mark Feld Rare coin dealer

    Let's see some images of yours? Maybe it's under-graded or maybe there are reasons other than the amount of wear that account for its grade.
  10. Phil Ham

    Phil Ham Hamster

    My first impression was an AG3 but I could see a G4. It may be cutting hairs, but I think the G6 is a little over the top. BTW, that is one expensive coin for an AG3 (oops, I mean G6).
  11. majorbigtime

    majorbigtime New Member

    That's where I see it. At first glance, I thought someone may have
    switched coins in this slab as it is no way near G06 IMO..
  12. kanga

    kanga 60 Year Collector Supporter

    Based on the obverse I can understand G-4.
    But you have to stretch a bit (but not too badly) to see the reverse as more than AG-3.
  13. 900fine

    900fine doggone it people like me

    This is why I have yet to finish my Indian $2.5 set - missing the key 1911-D. Every single one of 'em I've seen is overgraded.

    It's also why I question the wisdom of buying keys first. I'm not saying buy them last, either... I'm saying buy them second. Get a little experience in a series before you take The High Dive.
  14. Phil Ham

    Phil Ham Hamster

    Well, I must taking the wrong approach. I have the entire Lincoln Memorial collection except the 1909S VDB. I have the entire Buffalo Nickel collection except the 1913Sv2. I have the entire Mercury dime collection except the 1916D. I have the entire Washington quarter collection except the 1932 D and S. I have the entire Liberty nickel collection except the 1885 and 1886. I appear to be too cheap to buy the real expensive coins to finalize my collections.
  15. majorbigtime

    majorbigtime New Member

    Is the 09 S VDB a Memorial??
  16. coinman0456

    coinman0456 Coin Collector

    Looks like it is Obverse (A) and Rev 301

    Lets see some Pics of yours Major. What holder is it in?
  17. silvrluvr

    silvrluvr Senior Member's a wheatie.
  18. CamaroDMD

    CamaroDMD Supporter! Supporter

    I said it was over-graded...that TPGs consistently over grade key dates and that I had never seen an under-graded key date slabbed. I think we are on the same need for the ocean front property comment. ;)
  19. silvrluvr

    silvrluvr Senior Member

    Sorry, you must mean proof set just has the 4 lincoln cent reverses, but no memorial in proof. Not sure about uncirculated business strikes.
  20. majorbigtime

    majorbigtime New Member

    I am an 'ol fart, and have no idea how to do pix. Besides, the coin resides in a safe deposit box.

    It is a PCGS holder.
  21. majorbigtime

    majorbigtime New Member

    Oops, this was supposed to be a reply to another thread.
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