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    I have the lots of coins from sale, too many to list. I have posted some pictures of the highlights, and I have plenty of other premium world and Canadian coins. Please DM for any available material or prices.
    Peter Z

    1820 Great Britain Gold Sovereign
    PCGS XF-45
    20171001_121806.jpg 20171001_121832.jpg
    1875 Canada 25 Cents
    PCGS VF-20
    20171001_121606.jpg 20171001_121643.jpg
    Juba II Denarius
    20171001_113944.jpg 20171001_113905.jpg

    Phraates IV Tetradrachm

    20171001_114018.jpg 20171001_114040.jpg

    1787 France 2 Louis D'or
    RAW 20170903_191107.jpg

    I have a lot more, especially world and Canadian coins.

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