Some fleet coinage /Imperatorial Bronzes

Discussion in 'Ancient Coins' started by MarcusAntonius, Apr 22, 2021.

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    To make my Great Imperatorial collection a bit more attractive and have some variety am I trying to find some rare Bronzes to break the otherwise monotone Silver fleet of Denarii

    ACHAEA Æ Tressis (Γ), fleet coinage

    ACHAEA Æ 27 Dupondius (Β ), fleet coinage

    ACHAEA Æ As (Α), fleet coinage Dark patina

    ACHAEA Æ As (Α), fleet coinage Earth color patina

    Lepidus Æ As, Gaul Antipolis mint

    7c59fe2bfa5842558f76c1cb337dae3a.jpg 100239d584aa483b894af72b6fc1514e.jpg

    f0661a4d6c9e4b3c9887fa60063e4517.jpg 029c8821963f48b4a196a3d3adc730aa.jpg

    03bd9419e9594ec78d1446242adef193FCIV.jpg 03bd9419e9594ec78d1446242adef193FCIII.jpg

    I1c746cf2b8de4bf6879096804c7c37f1FCII.jpg 1c746cf2b8de4bf6879096804c7c37f1FCI.jpg
    721e62a9f7094cb6be41f6e615431dff.jpg 0f220beb38384c6e8aa20728cb8aebce (2).jpg

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  3. MarcusAntonius

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    Such a classic Bronze, how I could forget her: Fulvia RIC I 3139

    bef6a3485b0845809e1011f98247de64.jpg cd1f9f4e19f744ff89033153dd76cd65.jpg
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