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Discussion in 'Ancient Coins' started by cmezner, Dec 2, 2020.

  1. cmezner

    cmezner do ut des Supporter

    Don’t know what exactly is meant by “Top”. I buy those that “speak” to me, just enjoy them and love to have them in my collection …and have not bought too many coins in 2020. Five of these, in any order:

    1. Hadrian -Fortuna, Æ Sestertius
    Rome, 133 - 135 AD
    31 mm, 26.63 g
    RIC II part 3 (2nd edition) Hadrian 2118

    I enjoy this one very much because it is a replacement of one that got lost.:happy:
    2. Severus Alexander - Providentia, Æ Sestertius
    Rome, 231 - 235 AD
    30 x 28 mm, 21.31 g
    RIC IV 645b

    Didn't have before a Severus Alexander Sestertius, now I do have one:happy::


    3. Satraps of Caria, Apollo- Pixodaros, AR Didrachm
    Caria, Halikarnassos (Bodrum, Turkey), ca. 340 - 336/5 BC
    20 x 20 mm, 6.678 g
    SNG Copenhagen 597

    Couldn't resist this Apollo :)


    4. Roman Provincial, Philip I Philadelphus, Tetradrachm

    Seleucis and Pieria, Antiochia ad Orontem, 47/6 BC - 14/3 AD
    25.69 mm, 14.101 g
    SC 2491; Sear 7214

    Even though the date in exergue is off flan, I fell for this one too:D


    This one has not arrived yet; bought it a week ago because of the silphium plant:cool::
    5. Æ24, Cyrenaica, Cyrene, before 308 BC
    24.65 mm, 11.96 g
    Müller 237; SG 6336

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  3. DonnaML

    DonnaML Supporter! Supporter

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  4. happy_collector

    happy_collector Well-Known Member

    Nice coins. I like both your Sestertius.
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  5. robinjojo

    robinjojo Supporter! Supporter

    The two sestertii are really nice, especially the Severus Alexander sestertius, with its sharp portrait and reverse.

    The Apollo didrachm has both a splendid obverse and reverse!
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  6. Ancient Aussie

    Ancient Aussie Supporter! Supporter

    Great coins love them all but your Caria Didrachm is absolutely perfect great buying.
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  7. PlanoSteve

    PlanoSteve Supporter! Supporter

    Fortunately, they must have had an extensive vocabulary, because they are all exquisite! Hope that last nugget arrives OK! :);)
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  8. DonnaML

    DonnaML Supporter! Supporter

    Sorry, I don't know what happened to my comment above: what I meant to say, very simply, was that I think it's a great group, and I particularly like the Apollo from Caria and the two sestertii.
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  9. Cucumbor

    Cucumbor Dombes collector Supporter

    Knowing well what the Hadrian represents to you @cmezner, I second your preference for that one. It's representative of what a coin can mean to its owner : much much more than its monetary value

    The others are good contenders too, I like very much the Apollo

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  10. dougsmit

    dougsmit Member Supporter

    I consider 'Top' as used here to mean the coins that make you happiest that you collect coins. If that means the most expensive or the highest grade, your top list will appeal to a segment of our members; if that means the most interesting or the coins that 'spoke' to you by shouting "Buy Me!" others of us will want to know why you found that coin so appealing. In this case I consider the Pixodaros (#3) most beautiful but the coin I hope I can find a match to is the silphium (#5). I had not seen that exact type but have two other silphium coins and am glad to know this exists.
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  11. Alegandron

    Alegandron "ΤΩΙ ΚΡΑΤΙΣΤΩΙ..." ΜΕΓΑΣ ΑΛΕΞΑΝΔΡΟΣ, June 323 BCE Supporter

    I really enjoy these, @cmezner ! My kinda coins. I agree, it is too difficult to ever say “Top Coins”. I just enjoy each of my coins as for what they are. They are all “Top” for me. :)
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  12. cmezner

    cmezner do ut des Supporter

    I thought that you too were wondering what meant "Top" :D Thankfully dougsmit already explained.
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  13. cmezner

    cmezner do ut des Supporter

    Which ones do you have?

    Mine arrived today. :happy:

    If my attribution is right, it was struck under Ophellas, Ptolemaic Governor, first reign, ca. 322-313 BC.
    Asolati 9; BMC 199-201
    like this one

    currently on sale by Leu Numismatik AG, Web Auction 14, Lot number: 622
  14. panzerman

    panzerman Well-Known Member

    Beautifull coins cmezner:D
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  15. Curtisimo

    Curtisimo the Great(ish) Supporter

    Great coins @cmezner . My favorites are the Pixodaros didrachm and the Hadrian Sestertius.
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  16. Spaniard

    Spaniard Well-Known Member

    Nice group!....Lovely chubby portrait on the Hadrian Sestertius...And really like the Cerene Silphium reverse..Cool Coin.
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