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    1909-S Lincoln Wheat Cent DDR (VDDR-003)
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    -Found in CONECA Die Variety Attributor -
    Variety is not on insert because it is a more recent discovery
    PCGS AU58 (20882645) and CAC Green Sticker

    This DDR was recently discovered by numismatic researcher Shawn Tew. The coin for sale in this listing was looked at by Mr. Tew while it was in the Penny Lady's inventory and he attributed it as a Class III DDR, which appears on the 1909 and 1910 Lincoln Cents.

    History: According to Shawn Tew, the Mint had many leftover dies that produced coins with too-high rims, so they took these dies, heated them up and impressed them with a second version of the master, which produced the Class III DDR. This was probably done as a cost-savings at the Mint.
    You can see the doubling most prominently on the "T" in "UNITED." SEE PHOTOS.

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