SOLD - Scarce BEMCO COIN TONGS & some coin lots on eBay Auction starts today

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    Very ScarceCollectible & Functional Wide-Range Plastic COIN LIFTING CLAMP TONGS 4” Long originally patented in 1965 by Bemco, Incorporated, and supplied in Franklin Mint Collectors Kits.
    • These Tongs have a unique design—hence the patent—which permits them to accommodate all US coins previously or currently produced ($1 Gold Type I thru $1 Silver and all Bullion) as-well-as World Coins, Medals, Tokens and any round object that falls within the diameter and thickness Specifications (see below). The design incorporates a beveled edge with 4 mm trough which permits the user to pick up the object while it is lying flat on a surface (extremely handy for small coins such as $1 Gold and 3¢ Silver); once the object is within the Jaws it is held securely by the Compression Spring and then the Tongs with captured object can be securely moved in any orientation for observation, etc.
    • The Tongs are in Very Good Pre-owned Condition.
    • eBay Auction starts today, 8/8, @ 4:30 PM EST; Item # 183366820554. Other coin lots are listed under my eBay ID: qcgarysil

    edit - Sorry folks, I just noticed that eBay changed my Item # in the Delayed Listing Start to the LIVE Item # 183366818623

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