SOLD Sold on eBay for $155 more than I offered it here...

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    SOLD.There are 20 two ounce rounds. Sterling silver. Proof struck, from the Franklin Mint I believe. No paperwork, but you get the box and the rounds as seen. Some need to be dipped, but I'll leave that to the buyer. This is a collectable set. A set of these on eBay went for $999. I am selling for $770 shipped. PayPal friends and family, check, or money order. Regular PayPal is fine, but you must pay the 3%.
    DSCN5748-horz.jpg DSCN5750-horz.jpg DSCN5752-horz.jpg
    DSCN5754-horz.jpg DSCN5756.JPG DSCN5757.JPG
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