WTS: [SOLD] Misc. Loose Coins With Some Minor Varieties $75

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    $75 shipped
    Was cleaning out my folder and pulled some duplicates that I would like to sell all together. It would make a good starter set for a YN, or to just add some variety to your collection. Some of the coins have been cleaned in the past (not by me), and I will try to designate which I think have been obviously cleaned or damaged. I am not an expert at picking those out, but will try. There are some varieties included also that I designated. If you want any extra pics of any specific coins, let me know.
    I accept PP F&F or add 3% for regular PP.

    Included in the set:
    1814 large cent (corrosion, pitting)
    1822 large cent
    1826 large cent
    1882 Indian cent (maybe old cleaning)
    1901 Indian cent (looks UNC, but cleaned)
    1902 Indian cent
    1904 Indian cent
    1905 Indian cent
    1906 Indian cent
    1907 Indian cent
    1908 Indian cent
    1909 Indian cent
    1956 D Lincoln cent (D/Shadow D)
    1960 D Lincoln cent BU (RPM 005)
    1960 D Lincoln cent BU (RPM 59)
    1961 D Lincoln cent BU (RPM 047)
    1989 Lincoln cent BU (no VDB)
    1884 V Nickel (AG grade)
    1914 D Buffalo nickel (acid date)
    1914 D Buffalo nickel (acid date)
    1914 S Buffalo nickel (acid date)
    1923 S Buffalo nickel (vinegar soaked)
    1932 P Washington quarter
    1934 P Washington quarter
    1935 S Washington quarter
    1950 D Washington quarter (D/D RPM 002)
    1962 P Washington quarter BU
    Half Dollars
    1964 P Kennedy half BU
    1971 D Eisenhower dollar (pastel toned, spotting)
    1978 D Eisenhower dollar (reverse toned)
    1978 D Eisenhower dollar (pastel toned)


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