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    Update: this coin is now SOLD.

    This coin has been the subject of recent discussion.

    I won it in a German auction after failing to take note of the rim nick, which upon examination in hand, is just a little too heavy for my standards. Too bad- it's a great coin, otherwise. Several folks in the discussion threads have said the nick doesn't bother them so much.

    Pros: The coin has a nice portrait and decent surfaces. It is also apparently a scarcer variety than attributed by the auction firm. Really a nice looking coin, aside from the nick.

    Cons: Obviously, there's that rim nick at 6:00. Bothers me a little too much, but it might not bother you as much. The hit is apparently ancient, as there is patina overlying it.

    Be sure to read the discussions below.

    Here is the NumisForums discussion thread.

    Here is the CoinTalk discussion thread.

    After fees, I have €470.60 (approx. $514.07 USD) in it. Paid too much, obviously. But what's it worth to you, as-is?

    I'll ask $395.00 USD (which is in line with the €360 hammer price, minus fees) - this is more than $100 USD below my cost.

    But I will also consider fair offers. Obviously, I'd like to recoup as much of my investment as possible, but I am resigned to the fact that I'm going to lose some money in the deal.

    (It's the price I have to pay for being choosy.)



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