WTS: SOLD: 18 Mercury and 4 Barber dimes

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    This last week we received 22 dimes at the Economy Shop and before putting them out for sale at the shop, maybe someone here is interested? (http://economyshop.org)

    “Buddy, can you spare a dime?” That phrase comes from the Depression-era song—so popular and so timely that it left this permanent trace on culture—Brother, Can You Spare aDime?

    In 1932 when the song became popular the old Barber dime of 1892-1916 was still in wide circulation, but the Mercury dimes of 1916-1945 were the real contemporaries of the song.

    There were no Mercury dimes coined in 1932 or 1933, appropriately enough—times were so hard that none were needed. By 1940 the country was getting out of the Depression, and the phrase “Buddy, can you spare a dime?” had lost much of its bite.

    4 BARBER DIMES silver: $12 + postage (only USA or Canada)
    1906 D
    1906 (2 dimes) no mintmark
    1908 no mintmark

    18 Mercury Dimes Silver: $50 + postage (only USA or Canada)
    1917 no mintmark
    1920 no mintmark.
    1923 (5 dimes) no mintmark
    1925 D
    1926 no mintmark
    1928 no mintmark
    1935 (2 dimes) no mintmark
    1937 S
    1938 no mintmark
    1940 (2 dimes)no mintmark
    1941 no mintmark
    1942 no mintmark

    If anyone is interested, please PM me for details of the person in charge of handling the sales at the Economy Shop.
    IMG_2982.jpeg IMG_2982.jpeg


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