Sleeper Coins

Discussion in 'Coin Chat' started by Duke Kavanaugh, Feb 18, 2010.

  1. sunflower

    sunflower New Member

    Yes, these are very very pretty. (I have only hoarded about 20 rolls so far).
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  3. Searcher64

    Searcher64 Member

    When you think of the Roosevelt , One thing is for sure. After all the melts downs, the ones that are full split bans, will go up. The real numbers are screwed up on all the silver coins from about 1946-1964. How many were melted? Oh well. :)-O)
  4. sunflower

    sunflower New Member

    Great Topic.

    I am no expert, obviously, yet I have my preferences. Some of these might qualify as sleepers.

    Any bulliion nickel. I use to buy a lot of stainless steel, and not all chemistry tests are equal. The higher the nickel and mag., the less the scrap count at the end of a job. I am only including that little story to help explain any added bias I might have. As a commodity, I think nickel has the potential to be hit hard on the supply and demand side of life during hectic times.

    As for gold, I think the AU and lower MS 5 dollar gold pieces seem fairly priced for what you get.

    With silver, the sleeper might be Mercury dimes. I am partial to gals in caps and hats.

    Finally, I never did like using the SBA, but I do see some potential here. I hated them when giving out change some years ago, but I sort of like the price appreciation on some of them since. My mother collects SBA. My sister wants her coin collection someday. I am OK with that. (Good thang for Sis that mom does not collect Mercurys or Peace Dollars.)
  5. Danr

    Danr Numismatist

    Rolls of 2005 Buffalo nickels. Want some, I have a ton!....

    ....but seriously there have been so many hundreds of coins issued in the last 3 or 4 years some of these are being overlooked and will qualify
    as sleepers (spouses?)

    PFCBEGA Staff Numismatist

    1880-1888 Philly minted Seated quarters. All of the mintages are under 16,000! and in AU you can pick up an example for about $600.

    Also Seated quarter proofs. I own two of them each have a mintage of only 600 pieces and i picked up an 1875 in pf 63 for $700! It feels awesome to hold a coin with less then 500 known examples in your hand
  7. dctjr80

    dctjr80 Senior Member

    Non-U.S. coins from 1950 and back,,, I believe with in the next 20-40 years prices of World coins are going to sky rocket with the popularity and ease of the Internet to establish prices and sales and the spread of information!
  8. Duke Kavanaugh

    Duke Kavanaugh The Big Coin Hunter

    Wow this is an eclectic group of reply's. So many different ideas on what's a good sleeper.
    I guess that's why it's just a guess or a gamble on what one to look for.

    Keep them comming if you have any ideas.
  9. ddoomm1

    ddoomm1 keep on running

    definetly the pre 82 commems w/ low mintages (which most have )
  10. sunflower

    sunflower New Member

    gold kruggerands....
  11. Duke Kavanaugh

    Duke Kavanaugh The Big Coin Hunter

    So we have:

    96W dime - The Noost
    No S dime - The Noost
    all the Roosevelts in higher (reasonably high) grades - Art
    31D Mercury - Just Carl
    1998 SMS silver Kennedy - TopcatCoin
    nothing - Pocket change
    1990 NO S Proof Lincoln Cent - bhp3rd
    1999 Proof Anthony Dollar - abe
    1997 P Jefferson Nickel in matte proof - JJK78
    2009 p dime in ms66 - davemac
    Modern commemorative, Specifically Dollars - BUBAGS
    Deep mirror proof like morgan - cerdsalicious
    '82-P quarter in near gem - cladking
    Anna Harrison First Spouse gold coin (proof or unc) - yakpoo
    Liberty Quarter Eagle from 1890 to 1895 - omegafactor
    Any bulliion nickel - sunflower
    1880-1888 Philly minted Seated quarters - PFCBEGA
    Non-U.S. coins from 1950 and back - dctjr80
    pre 82 commems w/ low mintages - ddoomm1

    Still many people not posting :)
  12. sunflower

    sunflower New Member

    Does any one think that Barber dimes are sleepers? I like them, but find them hard to locate. Perhaps, that means they are not sleepers.:confused:
  13. bqcoins

    bqcoins Olympic Figure Skating Scoring System Expert

    When it comes to sleepers it is a gamble that you take. The last sleeper that I called correctly was the 1899 Morgan dollar back when it was running about $30-40 in XF. The coin market seems a bit depressed all over especially when it comes to lower grade key coins. I think that there are a few deals to be had out there yet. The 1996 W dime the special 1994 and 1997 nickels seem like they have plenty of room to move up right now. But, I really think that some type coins are going to explode when the market recovers from this dip. Early large cents in F and above should be a solid bet.
  14. bqcoins

    bqcoins Olympic Figure Skating Scoring System Expert

    Barber dime collectors are many, maybe not as many as Mercies or Roosies but nevertheless they are numerous and they snap up all the great barbers they can get their hands on. I personally have multiples of even common date coins, just because I found them in XF to AU a few times. Those coins will always have a market and will always command a premium, that is why
    Barber dimes are not sleepers IMO. I am a barber dime fanatic and they are hard as heck to find F or better especially when you start looking for coins that are R4 and R5 in middle circulated grades. Just try finding a 15-S in XF or better or a 1909 S over Fine. They are nearly impossible to locate, nevermind finding key dates in even F, the 1897 O and the 1892 S are scarce and fleeting even for cleaned examples.
  15. sunflower

    sunflower New Member

    Thank you for taking the time to provide this post.
  16. Ladies First

    Ladies First Since 2007

    I like the PCGS First Strike PR70 spouse coins...and the holders have a great shot at being valuable! Some of these lean years might make the PCGS FS MS70 holders valuable too. ESPECIALLY by the time Hillary comes out!
  17. Danr

    Danr Numismatist

    ...of the closet?
  18. sunflower

    sunflower New Member

    ....of the White House?
  19. Victor

    Victor Coin Collector

    Might as well add the 1901s and 1913s for trying to find a nice one.
    I looked for two years for a decent 1910s and got one today for $6.
    It's finding a nice one that's the pain, not the price.
    Now it's the 1909D I am hunting. Then the 02s 03s and 04s are next.
  20. ML94539

    ML94539 Senior Member

    I have about some 96w dime, 2 no s dime, 5? sms kennedy, most of the modern and early commem with low mintage except for hawaiian half (3 sets of cincinati ms64-66), 5-10 matte nickels. a few dmpl morgans, trying to hoard more low mintage early commem, no money now though.
  21. Paddy54

    Paddy54 Variety Collector

    The 1994 & 1997 Jefferson Matte finished nickels are going to wake up...and when they do watch out! 94 mintage 167000....the 97 matte finish only 2500. the latter the 97 in TPG holders in SP 67 + are going bring top dollar. :hammer:
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