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Discussion in 'Coin Chat' started by Duke Kavanaugh, Feb 18, 2010.

  1. Duke Kavanaugh

    Duke Kavanaugh The Big Coin Hunter

    OK there was another forum post that brought up sleepers.
    I'd like this to not be about sleepers being worth going for or not.
    But for this discussion I'd like to make the assumption that they are and that you were going to grab some for future growth potential.

    What suggestions do you guys have?
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  3. TheNoost

    TheNoost huldufolk

    96 w dimes, satin finish nickels from the coin n currency set. No s dimes. I think they will go up in the long term. Especially the dimes if/when the design changes.
  4. Duke Kavanaugh

    Duke Kavanaugh The Big Coin Hunter

    Really the No S?
    Those seem so high already that it makes me think they wont go up for along time. But who knows...
  5. mpcusa

    mpcusa "Official C.T. TROLL SWEEPER" Supporter

    You have to take a look at available inventories, On the sleeper coins of
    Course the law of supply and demand :)
  6. Duke Kavanaugh

    Duke Kavanaugh The Big Coin Hunter

    I do like the 96w dime as a potential.
    Not sure about the Satin's yet though...
  7. Art

    Art Numismatist?

    I have to agree on the 96W dimes. I'd add all the Roosevelts in higher (reasonably high) grades. The clad years in particular are quite difficult to find in MS66 and above especially FT.
  8. Just Carl

    Just Carl Numismatist

    I'd completely dissagree with any Roosevelt Dimes ever being worth anything big. Just not and has not been a popular coin. So few of even the lowest mintaged ones just are not expensive and I doubt they ever will. Same with the Jefferson Nickels. Some coins are just not popular with the masses and many, many coin collectors. Even at coin shows dealers don't usually load thier tables with Roosevelt Dimes or Jefferson Nickels.
    I really can't see in any near or distant future any of those being of something to have been hoped for in a major increase.
    Sleepers are usually coins that for numerous and/or sometimes not even understood reasons, become popular. Popularity is one of the biggest reasons a coin becomes valuable. Note for instance the 1955 Lincoln Double Die. There are actually many Double Dies in the series but that one is so popular that it demands a real lot of money. Almost similar is the 72 Double Die or the 22 Plain. With the entire series of Lincoln Cents there are really massive amounts of coins that should, could, might, may be valuable but if no popularity, then not much.
    Yours is actually a difficult question since it really takes nothing but guess work and speculation. Sort of what the people that make the Red Book do for prices. :smile
    Regardless I'll still throw in my 2 cents. I go for the 31D Mercury Dime.
  9. Duke Kavanaugh

    Duke Kavanaugh The Big Coin Hunter

    Carl, your right. For a sleeper to wake up it takes less supply and/or more demand for whatever reason.
    I'm interested in the 31d as one I like is a 26s first then the 31d in the Mercury Series.
    I remember picking up 21 and 21d's for nothing and now they are worth real money.
    So even though your just guessing I think it's a good guess :D
  10. I agree with others that the 1999W Roosevelt dime is a sleeper. I also like the 1998 SMS silver Kennedy half as a potential sleeper as well. As far as your question regarding strategy for grabbing potential sleepers, it may be wise to buy the semi-keys in a series (i.e., the ones that have not really taken off YET). An example of this might be the 1927 Peace dollar, which has the second lowest mintage but is still affordable. TC
  11. Pocket Change

    Pocket Change Coin Collector

    Search coins. Search Coins. Search Coins. Repeat.

    Search rolls. Search rolls. Search rolls. Repeat.

    The really cool thing is that with this stratagy is that you will eventually find "something" and if you keep the ones that make you go "WOW", you'lll have quite the collection for FACE VALUE. You will also find ALL the sleepers without knowing it!!! You'll be collecting them BEFORE they're "popular" or before they're "sleepers".

    The only sure way to "make" any money.

    I really don't think you know what a "sleeper" is when you talk about the 31d, 26s, 21 and the 21d being sleepers....

    These coins are the ones wearing blaring lime green disco shirts at every coin show I've ever been to. The LAST thing they are is sleepers.

    They're wide awake and your money is GONE!!!!!

    In 30 years, the 1921 Merc in G4 is going to sell for $35 and that assumes the coin market doesn't tank. If the coin market tanks, you won't be able to sell it for much above melt.
  12. bhp3rd

    bhp3rd Die varieties, Gems

    A true sleepers, and always will be "that coin you put off buying

    A true sleeper is and always will be "that coin you put off buying now or in the past because it was too high and you wished you had"!!!

    I give you a real big dollar sleeper for free, I probably should not but I will.
    The 1990 NO S Proof Lincoln Cent!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Under 300 found - 20 years now past - it's a steal at whatever you have to pay in Proof 68 or 69 NOW!!!! In future years (as little as 10) it should be a $30,000 coin.

    Plus to answer your next question, "no, I don't have one"!
  13. abe

    abe LaminatedLincolnCollector

    :kewl:1999 Proof Anthony Dollar :kewl:
  14. JJK78

    JJK78 Member

    I think the 1997 P Jefferson Nickel in matte proof is a good one. Only 25,000 minted and seem to be fairly hard to find in sp70. Seems like they can be found for under $500 now but will end up drying up once they find their way into permenant collections... I need to hurry up and get one!
  15. davemac

    davemac dave

    Ok from from the emarald isle. The 2009 p dime in ms66 why you might ask. Everybody is looking for the 2009 d dime in the same grade and there over looking the p mint . There are going be to much of the d dime in ms66. That is my op
  16. BUBAGS


    I think classic and Modern commemorative coins are a wonderful bargain. Specifically Dollars.Nice Designs and Silver Bullion to boot. Some of the Mintages are very low. Interest is very week now(many sell below issue cost from the mint) which makes these a great time to purchase. I remember Peace dollars being a dud because everyone wanted Morgans,but THEY ARE NOW HARDER TO FIND AND PRICEY. Check out he sells all of THE modern commems at the best prices and no shipping!!!
  17. BUBAGS


    Check out Sacagawea Dollars. The coin is really a beautiful design and the mintages on many dates are way lower than some Peace,Morgan and Eisenhower dollars. I strongly recc aquiring a set now! Many types all cheap! Proof,Unc,Matte and mint marks and design types.THESE ARE SLEEPERS!! You can buy a set in a Dansco book for under $200 or build one on your own.
  18. cerdsalicious

    cerdsalicious BigShot

    Deep mirror proof like morgan dollar coins.
    Also in ms grades preferably.
    I stock up on them.
    They fetch bank. MS-64 1903 DMPL I picked up raw from a local coin sotre for $21. got it graded and sold it for $7500.
    As a matter of fact I am waiting for this 1882 0 dmpl to get back from grading. it should ocme back as a ms64-66.
    theyre quite the fascinating coins and theyre actually abundant but hard to come by since so many mrogans are out there, but the sheer number ratio makes them easier to find.
  19. cladking

    cladking Coin Collector

    I think one of the most overlooked coins of the age is the '82-P quarter in near gem or better. No, not necessarily what gets slabbed as MS-64 and better because most of these are poorly struck or struck from worn dies or both. I'm talking about nice attractive and faily clean specimens with no wear and no rub. I'd wager there are fewer than 1000 out there and the largest single source is the Numismatic News mint sets that were issued as premiums.

    Yes, I have a few of these. But I've been looking for them since 1982 and had almost no competition until '99.
  20. yakpoo

    yakpoo Member

    OK...I'll say it...the Anna Harrison First Spouse gold coin (proof or unc) :hail:
  21. omegafactor

    omegafactor Junior Member

    I like gold coins, and I think the Liberty Quarter Eagle from 1890 to 1895 are sleeper coins. Some of them have low mintage like the 1894(4000) or 1895(6000). They also have low survival rate, but they are pretty affordable up to in MS64.
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