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    Hey guys, I am trying to complete a year & mint silver Washington quarter set. I will trade some of these 1 for 1, or 2 for 1, heck 3 for 1 if I have to, in order to get one of the more rare ones. All mine are graded and I don’t necessarily want graded ones in exchange but at least Brilliant Uncirculated (I am trying to build a “gem” set or as close as I can get to that).






    1940 D & S

    Have to trade (all slabbed and graded by one of the 4 major TPG’S):

    1948 - MS64

    1945S 4 available (MS62, MS64, MS64, MS64, MS65)

    1948D - MS63

    1949 - MS64+

    1964 MS63

    Thanks! Of course I’ll send you detailed pictures of any your interested in trading.

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