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    Hello and good afternoon!

    I have some Leftovers (leftover from the last auction, plus some items a deadbeat bidder didn't pay for) I'd like to offer here.

    Here's what I have - I will do my absolute best to update the ad as soon as lots sell.


    *1964 Silver Proof Sets (4 available; $28/ea.)

    *1970 Silver Proof Sets (7 available; $11/ea - only 1 missing outer box. Will sell all 7 for $10/ea. if you buy them all.)

    *1965 SMS Silver Kennedy Halves Mint Cello (1 available; $9/ea.)

    *1968 D Silver Kennedy Half Mint Cello ($5)

    *1969 D Silver Kennedy Half Mint Cello ($5)

    *1964 Silver Proof Washington Quarters (4 available; $6/ea.)

    *1993 Silver Commemorative Jefferson/Monticello Dollar (2 available; $22/ea.)

    *10kt Gold Pin (Cross) Weight: 1.5g (Will sell at melt)

    (The following items were "rescued" from SMS sets with extremely subpar packaging. Nothing wrong with the coins, they just didn't come with cases and now must be sold raw. I have not cleaned/conserved them in any way.)

    *1966 SMS Silver Kennedy Halves (23 available; $7/ea.)

    *1967 SMS Silver Kennedy Halves (35 available; $7/ea.)

    *1968 S Silver Proof Kennedy Halves (21 available; $6/ea.)

    *1969 S Silver Proof Kennedy Halves (20 available; $6/ea.)

    *1970 S Silver Proof Kennedy Halves (3 available; $9/ea.)

    NOTE: you want to buy a lot of stuff, I'll give you a better deal.

    Payment: PayPal only. I do not have Venmo/Zello/Bitcoin or any other form of digital payment at this time. Please add 3% for PPGS. If you choose to use PPFF, please make sure to send me your shipping address here as it won't automatically load with your payment, and NO NOTES (thank you.)

    Shipping: I will charge you what it costs me for the USPS label rounded up to the nearest dollar. For First Class that is usually $4, for USPS Priority Mail Flat Rate Small Box it will be $8, USPS Priority Mail Medium Box $14. I will get you a tracking number right after payment is received and will get your package scanned into the USPS system within 24 hours of receipt of payment. NOTE: These prices are for Continental US shipping only - if you live outside the continental US, shipping will be more expensive. I am still happy to do it under the same rules as above, but just keep in mind it's going to cost more.
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