Silver Hoarders Question

Discussion in 'Coin Chat' started by TheCoinGeezer, Mar 30, 2012.

  1. TheCoinGeezer

    TheCoinGeezer Senex Bombulum

    If you like to hoard silver (like me), which do you prefer:
    junk silver
    silver bars
    Silver eagles/maple leafs, et al

    My preference is for US junk silver half dollars.
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  3. jessvc

    jessvc Member

    I like a little bit of everything but I dont consider myself a hoarder I think I just have a bad habit.:)
  4. 9roswell

    9roswell Senior Member

    real hoarders can''t choose, they have to have everything!
  5. Gipper1985

    Gipper1985 Junior Member

    I like US junk quarters and any junk Canadian especially Canadian dollars. For some reason I find the silver Canadian coins more visually appealing than US silver, especially the dollars.
  6. aandabooks

    aandabooks Member

    Mainly Junk Silver in the form of Mercury Dimes, Franklin/Walking Liberty Halves and Morgan/Peace Dollars. Washington Quarters and Kennedy Halves do nothing for me.

    I can't seem to resist ASEs if I can get them for no more that $3 over spot. I have a couple Maple Leafs/Canadian Cougar but I don't seem to run into Canadian Bullion too often. Won't pay more than $3 over for Canadian though.
  7. Vess1

    Vess1 CT SP VIP

    All of the above. For 90%I think the best are 64 Kennedys. They are the latest, they made gobs of them, they are highly recognizable, they circulated the least. So you are getting a full weight coin instead of heavily worn stuff like everything else.
  8. geekpryde

    geekpryde Husband and Father

    Junk silver. But i am just starting out and have not made any 90% purchases yet. I made a fancy Excel spreadsheet last night to calculate exactly how much silver I have lying around (coins from my childhood, and silver content of my Kennedy proof collection, and roll finds.) I was thinking I had maybe 10 troy oz, but I had 22 oz! Woot, woot.

    I think when I start to make actual 90% purchases, it will be Dimes.
  9. awwatchdog1

    awwatchdog1 Member

    I like 999 silver coins then bars - I stay away from junk....
  10. snapsalot

    snapsalot Member

    Guess I am a hoarder lol.

    I have US silver, Canadian, British, Australian, Mexican, Cuban, and some others which I forget lol.

    Then I also have some silver eagles, johnson mattheys, not to mention a few pounds of 925 spoons :D
  11. snapsalot

    snapsalot Member

    The best way to buy junk silver is get it by weight not by face value.
  12. bzb

    bzb New Member

    I like US silver, if it is junk I sell when I can make some money.If it is good stuff I keep for personal enjoyment.
  13. pumpkinpie

    pumpkinpie what is this I don*t even

    I enjoy cherrypicking through junk silver bins for good dates and condition rarities. No bars or silver rounds for me.
  14. quartertapper

    quartertapper Numismatist

    I'll second that one, but dimes and quarters will do as well.
  15. Clint

    Clint Member

    I don't like junk that much, just the requisite amount (a couple rolls of BU, a little over spot). I can see the benefit of cherrypicking through junk, tho. ASEs have a better (smaller) buy-sell spread, in my very limited experience. I also like proof sets close to spot. No bars/rounds.
  16. TheCoinGeezer

    TheCoinGeezer Senex Bombulum

    I buy junk US silver to hoard but go thru what I buy to check for better date/condition coins etc.
    I've put together a couple of sets of Franklin halves in decent condition over the years and a sizable collection of Walkers.
    Also a couple of sets of Roosies and an incomplete set of Mercs.
    Maybe I'll start getting quarters and see if I can't put together a decent set of Washingtons.
  17. Clint

    Clint Member

    I did some of that, until I realized how far away the project would lead, from the original "close to spot" criteria, especially since I'd like my (few) numis to be MS/proof. So...I quit that endeavour in favor of holding just a little junk, and spending my numis money on modern collectibles, vis a vis Eric Jordan. I actually just sold my partially filled Wash and Walking Lib books. Of course I kept a couple I still like looking at. The best deals I found on BU "junk" are Roosies. I can see where Wash and '64 JFK BUs would fit the bill as well. In the realm of "junk" IMHO the tiny premium for BU will come back as a tighter spread at sale.
  18. Cazkaboom

    Cazkaboom One for all, all for me.

    I prefer 90% for some reasons.
  19. snapsalot

    snapsalot Member

    I love 90% because when you get big bags of it you always seem to find Mercs, Barbers, Morgans, Standing liberties, walking liberties, or find some nice BU washingtons kennedys or rosies.

    My last "junk silver" bag had about 12 liberty quarters a 1909-O barber quarter, 10 XF or better 1932-1939 quarters and about 100ish BU washington 1950-1964s. Yeah it was a huge bag I had to go through but those couple weeks of sorting was pretty fun.
  20. EdS

    EdS Member

    I mix it up... and enjoy everything from old englehard loaf's to aussie modern coin sets (tuvalu stuff is pretty nice).. junk silver.. ase's... ect.. ect...
  21. mikeyg

    mikeyg Junior Member

    That describes me to a T.I started with slabbed SAEs,then developed an interest in 1/4 oz GAEs.After that I began and almost completed a sac proof dollar collection and moved on to gold buffalos.I dabbled in old and new coins.My buys for this month include moose coins,philharmonics,perth dragons,pamp dragon bars,a gold indian $10 half eagle,pandas and libertads.My wife waits for the mail now so she can say "how much did you spend today";)
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