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    For sale! Silver Franklin Mint medals dating back to 1972. Just over 14oz of silver, worth $375.58!
    Asking price: $340 shipped to you via usps priority (that's ~90% melt!!)

    I have more photos if you'd like them and plenty of references. I desire to sell these all together.

    25g pure Irish silver, and 402.8g sterling silver
    Total pure silver: 397.59g or 14.02oz
    Melt value as of 18SEP $26.78/oz
    25g .999 pure Irish silver! St. Patrick Landing (more info

    402.8g Sterling Silver (372.59g pure silver)
    7.2g Charter member token (x2 24kt gold plated)
    24g Comstock Lode (24kt gold plated)
    24g for Christmas in Bethlehem (more info
    24g Apollo eyewitness
    20.4g zodiac medals (more info: https://www.worthpoint.com/worthopedia/franklin-mint-treasury-zodiac-medals-1723650781)
    296g historic event medals

    If you have any questions, please ask!

    20200917_210746.jpg 20200917_210802.jpg 20200917_210905.jpg 20200917_210937.jpg 20200917_210958.jpg 20200917_211040.jpg 20200917_210945.jpg 20200913_181437.jpg 20200913_181313.jpg FB_IMG_1600045835430.jpg

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