WTS: Silver $1s, VDB 1c, CUD shield5c, Columbian 50c, and other silvers

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    Thanks for your continued support :) CT holds a special place in my heart!

    Hey all.

    I lost my phone last month, so now I'm locked out of Instagram and have no means to take photos of my coins.

    That means this for sale post will be "old fashioned" :) meaning that it will be like the old magazine / mail order days. Some coins may have images, but I can't take new ones. Some will not have images at all. Shipping is $4, anywhere in the United States. I will happily combine shipping.

    Due to this, I am grading them carefully to best represent the coins offered.

    Because I am trying this for the first time, I will offer refunds with return shipping at your expense. However, I am sure you will be satisfied with the offerings :)

    FIRST BUYER GETS 1913 T-1 Buffalo nickel - standing on mound - ALREADY GONE!

    1. 1923 Peace $1 - HIGH AU - SOLD

    2. 1893 Columbian Exposition half dollar - AU details. - SOLD

    [no images]

    3. 1891 O Morgan $1 - VF details, graffiti on reverse and hit to cheek. - SOLD

    4. 1976 S 25c, 50c, $1 silver set. Uncirculated. - $OLD

    5. 1867 Shield 5c WITH LISTED CUD. (pitting is characteristic of the die)
    comparable eBay sale of this cud was at $56. Asking $30 SOLD!

    D2EE7A2A-57C7-4C0A-97A9-F30D46B0EF0C.jpg 5BDDDDE2-3C5B-4448-A427-93DD26FE380F.jpg

    6. 1971 S $1 silver Ike dollar. MS. - $OLD

    7. 1909 VDB cent - $OLD (nicer in hand, hard to photograph.)

    8. 1816 LARGE CENT - well worn but unbeatable price! SOLD

    9. 1854 O DIME - F, W/ ARROWS- SOLD

    10. 1850 DIME - VG/F - SOLD

    11. 1943 Walker half dollar - VG - SOLD

    12. 1962 D Franklin Half - F - SOLD

    Thanks for looking and as always, have a good week :)


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