Show your coins depicting "Saints"

Discussion in 'World Coins' started by panzerman, Dec 30, 2020.

  1. panzerman

    panzerman Well-Known Member

    I will start the show off with this one....

    Papal States/ Bologna
    AV 10 Zecchini 1787
    38mm. 34.25g. .999
    Pope Pius VI 1775-99
    obv: Saint Petronius Seated on Clouds/ Arms
    rev: Papal Coat of Arms
    Bologna Mint
    Bought from Ranieri Auction as "Unsold lot" monete-italiane-regionali-dal-medioevo-496402-O.jpg
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  3. John Conduitt

    John Conduitt Well-Known Member

    British coins aren't great for saints, except one (even though he's the English saint!):

    George VI Crown with St George, 1951
    London. Copper-nickel, 38.6mm, 28.3g. Festival of Britain Commemorative issue. GEORGIVS VI D G BR OMN REX F D FIVE SHILLINGS (S 4111). This coin was not included in demonetization legislation when decimalization was introduced in 1971, so is still legal tender (but worth 25 pence).

    St George also features in the middle of a lot of Russian coins:

    Catherine II the Great 5 Kopeks with St George, 1781
    Ekaterinburg (EM). Copper, 42mm, 58.68g. Crowned monogram of Ekaterina II within wreath. Eagle of 1780-1787 with St George in the middle (Bit 632).

    I'm not entirely sure how a Roman soldier of Greek origin became so strongly associated with two seemingly unrelated countries, although I believe the Crusades and the Orthodox Church have something to do with it.
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  4. scottishmoney

    scottishmoney Scots Half Lion 1553 Supporter


    The Virgin Mary on a 1508 dated Hungarian denar.
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  5. panzerman

    panzerman Well-Known Member

    A rare Saint/
    Eichstatt/ Erzbistum
    AV Dukat 1738
    Johann Anton II von Freyberg/ Archbishop of Eichstatt
    obv: Arms of City
    rev: Saint Walburga 04896q00-630x_.jpg
  6. Chris B

    Chris B Supporter! Supporter

    Inspired by @panzerman

    2 Saints - St. Willibald, and his sister, St. Walburga


    Eichstätt-Bishopric. Sede Vacante Taler 1757 MF-I.L. AU55 PCGS, Nürnberg mint, KM75, Dav-2208, Cahn-133. A most desirable and generally elusive taler type, featuring slate gray surface coloration with darkened toning accents around the devices.

    Obverse: Shield within center, date below, 15 oval arms surround
    Reverse: Radiant symbol above figures, shield lower center

    Subject: Sede Vacante Issue
    Note: Dav. #2208

    Composition: Silver
  7. panzerman

    panzerman Well-Known Member

    St. John the Baptist
    AV Florin d'or ND
    Humbert II 1333-49 Dauphin 85b769db6318be2b1c565ded151f45c8.jpg
  8. expat

    expat Remember you are unique, just like everyone else

    Only one I have is a common image of St George on this 1967 Sovereign
    DSC00838.jpg DSC00839.jpg
  9. Chris B

    Chris B Supporter! Supporter


    Obverse: Crowned arms, date in legend
    Reverse: John the Baptist standing with banner in right hand, lamb lying at right, value in exergue

    Ruler: Emmanuel Pinto

    Composition: Silver
  10. panzerman

    panzerman Well-Known Member

    Saint Laurentius

    AV Goldgulden 1612
    Nurnberg german-states-nuremberg-free-city-goldgulden-16199-XL.jpg
  11. GDJMSP

    GDJMSP Numismatist Moderator

    Venice - ducat 1400
    Obv - Doge kneeling before St. Mark
    Rev - Christ

    1400 Venetian ducat obv.jpg 1400 Venetian ducat rev.jpg
  12. BRandM

    BRandM Counterstamp Collector

    This is a rough rendition of either St. Patrick (patron saint of Ireland) or St. Andrew (patron saint of Scotland). The X-shaped cross is known as the St. Andrews Cross, but the use of the symbol has roots in both countries.

    Bruce St Patrick 1.JPG
  13. panzerman

    panzerman Well-Known Member

    I see you with a Saint Patronius...
    From Salzburg/ where the Archbishop ONLY employed skilled mintmasters/ engravers/:D unlike here in Canada:shame:
    AV 2 Dukaten 1582
    Johann Jakob Khuen von Belasi 1560-86
    under HRE Rudolf II
    ex: Hohn collection/ Kunker 55d6934dfa1aa306114a2f60180c93c8.jpg
  14. panzerman

    panzerman Well-Known Member

    Sorry, I goofed/ its Saint Rupertus not as I wrongly stated as Saint Patronius:shame:
  15. panzerman

    panzerman Well-Known Member

    Saint Nicholas!
    Here is the Saint receiving blessing from God:) IMG_0658.JPG IMG_0657.JPG IMG_0660.JPG IMG_0661.JPG
  16. Chris B

    Chris B Supporter! Supporter


    GERMANY, Halberstadt (diocese)
    Gero. 1160-1177.
    AR Bracteate

    Diameter: 28mm
    Weight: 0.84 g

    Obverse: St. Stephan standing, holding maniple and book
    Reverse: Incuse of obverse

    Kestner 1319; Löbbecke 39; Bonhoff 469.
  17. Chris B

    Chris B Supporter! Supporter


    Obverse: Five-fold helmeted 11-field coat of arms
    Reverse: St. Jacob divides 16-33 and S-I in 2 lines. St. Jacob with hat, slanted staff and book walks halfway, in the background \ l. Hill with pit stack. Standing St. Jakoc divides year in the transcription.

    Note: Lauthenthal Mining Thalers. Yield of the St. Jacob pit
    Mint: ZellerFeld
    Welter 1054, Davenport -, 10.2 / 51, Spruth St. J 4 b
    Mint Master: Henning Schlueter

    Composition: Silver
  18. Chris B

    Chris B Supporter! Supporter


    Obverse: St. George on horse right slaying dragon, value 1/3 below
    Reverse: Shield of arms divides date above, ABK below

    Composition: Silver
  19. Chris B

    Chris B Supporter! Supporter


    Harz. AR Tauftaler – Baptismal Taler

    Diameter: 51.5mm
    Weight: 29.25 g

    Zellerfeld mint; Rudolf Bornemann, mintmaster
    Dated 1697 RB

    Obverse: St. John the Baptist kneeling right, baptizing Jesus Christ standing facing in River Jordan, hands crossed over breast; dove of the Holy Spirit and radiate name of God above
    Reverse: Biblical passages in ten lines

    Fassbender 2792
  20. Mr.Q

    Mr.Q Well-Known Member

    Thank you all, they are beautiful. My first thought was of my mother, she was saintly if only to our family. Thanks for the post. A safe and Happy New Year to all.
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  21. AuldFartte

    AuldFartte Supporter! Supporter

    That is one of the most incredible coins I've ever seen! Thanks for posting it.
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