should I keep all $1 star notes I find?

Discussion in 'Paper Money' started by Wheatie44, Jun 22, 2017.

  1. Wheatie44

    Wheatie44 Active Member

    i don't know much about collecting star notes and I was wondering if I should keep all common circulated star notes I find? Or just throw back the common ones and keep and less common ones?
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  3. Endeavor

    Endeavor Well-Known Member

    It depends on what you are ultimately looking to get out of your collection. If you are collecting to some day sell your collection for profit then you will want to study rarity and other factors that normally affect values in order to determine which ones to keep.

    If you are just collecting for personal entertainment then keep what you like regardless of value (current or potential).
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  4. moneycostingmemoney

    moneycostingmemoney Yukon Coriolis

    I like what @Endeavor had to say. Goals are essential to keeping focused.
    I'd like to add that if you'd like to expand into collecting paper currency, the easiest and cheapest route is via circulation finds. In any series you will find that star notes are always the most valuable. Why? There were few printed compared to the normal runs. They become the trump card of the series as far as desirability.
    That said, condition and run length are the big gauges in how valuable the note is. I strap search to build series stars and have, a few times, thrown them back because there was more than 1 fold, stain, writing, etc. I tend to keep only notes in the condition that I would buy them in. But, if you can spare the dollar-per-play for every note you feel like keeping...have at it. It's your collection and you have the freedom to collect as you wish. I'm on the east coast and trade star notes with people from the mid west/west coast because they will get some series that I won't see or in better condition than in finding and vice versa.
    If you want to do the research to see how many were printed from the fed you are finding and see the run lengths check this link out. It helps me gauge which non-stars to keep and which stars will probably be worth more down the road.

    PS... I read on a thread here that in a few years, or the series after series 2017 star notes may be eliminated. What that will do exactly...I don't know. But historically when something goes out of print, and isn't hoarded, it usually increases in value.

    I hope this helped!
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  5. Wheatie44

    Wheatie44 Active Member

    So we will see 2017 notes?
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  6. moneycostingmemoney

    moneycostingmemoney Yukon Coriolis

    Indeed. Every time there is a new Treasurer and/or Secretary of the Treasury new plates are made to reflect the changes and a new series of bill is made. The 2017 bills will have Trumps newly appointed Jorita Carranza as Treasurer and Steven Mnuchen as Secretary of the Treasury. As far as design goes I'm not sure about a change with the $1, but the Treasury has the concepts for the new $5, 10 and 20 on their website-
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  7. Numbers

    Numbers Senior Member

    No design changes for Series 2017, just the new signatures. The next round of redesigns is still years off--the last we heard, the target date had been pushed back to 2026-ish.

    Now that the new Treasurer has been sworn in (just this past Monday), it'll probably be about three months before Series 2017 currency starts to go into production. It takes some time to engrave the new signatures, create new master printing plates for each denomination, and so forth.
  8. Wheatie44

    Wheatie44 Active Member

    I have heard a lot if bad opinions about the upcoming changes to our currency.
  9. Wheatie44

    Wheatie44 Active Member

    I think the $20 bill should have a better president on it than Jackson.
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  10. moneycostingmemoney

    moneycostingmemoney Yukon Coriolis

    Well we all know about opinions. Mine is that there shouldn't be anyone but the founding fathers on our currency. How cool would it be if Thomas Jefferson was on the 5, John Hancock on the 10 (since the revolution turned him into a man and Hamilton into a tool) and Samuel Adams was on the 20?
  11. Wheatie44

    Wheatie44 Active Member

    Yeah I agree that would be really cool.
  12. mpcusa

    mpcusa "Official C.T. TROLL SWEEPER"

    Many people think that all star notes are worth major $$$$ unfortunately that is
    Not the case, like anything the rarity or size of any particular note has allot do with
    It have several Gem 1957 (A) (B) Series Silver Certificate Stars that are only worth
    about $20 a piece just because of the amount printed was so high but i like star
    Notes and collect a few here and there :)
  13. dano

    dano Junior Member

    I always found it interesting that the President who hated the idea of a "Central Bank" the most, wound up on one of the most visible notes put out by our "Central Bank"!

    "I killed the bank" -Andrew Jackson
  14. Michael K

    Michael K Well-Known Member

    Got a $1 star last night. I'm spending it.
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  15. ACoinJob

    ACoinJob 352/450 varieties of American Small Cents, gone.

    I do. The matter of having them graded means everything. Keep them Gem Crispy if you can. I have a Dollar Billls Catalog of pricing on CD-ROM with pdf files you can index (times) several coin books like World Book of Coins, Guns, and unusual stuff.
  16. scottishmoney

    scottishmoney Bammed

    I toss the scruffy and common ones back into the wild - keep the good and rare.
  17. moneycostingmemoney

    moneycostingmemoney Yukon Coriolis

    We all gotta eat
  18. Michael K

    Michael K Well-Known Member

    It was wrinkled, it's not old or has a good serial number. I don't see the point.
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  19. moneycostingmemoney

    moneycostingmemoney Yukon Coriolis

    Just Joshin ya;) if it's not old, crisp or has more than one that breaks the inking I pitch them back as well.
  20. ACoinJob

    ACoinJob 352/450 varieties of American Small Cents, gone.

    Betsy Ross on a $50 & $13 notes.
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  21. redeyelou

    redeyelou Rollin' dimes

    I look at it as a good way to save/not spend cash when I keep my star notes, regardless of condition. I put my crisp ones in Mylar sleeves for my collection. I passed this advice on to a friend who deals with a lot of cash (and spends a lot, too). A couple years later, said friend managed to save $100k + in star notes alone, including many crisp sequential notes (mostly $20s, and $100s).

    That being said, where is the best place to sell such a ridiculous collection of star notes? I'm sure my friend is not trying to put them on the 'bay. And no, said friend is not me - I could only wish it was...
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