Septimius Severus provincial of Nicaea depicting Asklepios

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    Several years ago I purchased this small provincial of Septimius Severus and have concluded it is very scarce.

    Severus Nicaea Asklepios.jpg
    Septimius Severus, AD 192-211.
    Roman provincial Æ 20.2 mm, 5.62 gm, 12 h.
    Bithynia, Nicaea AD 193-211.
    Obv: ΑΥ ΚΛ CЄΠ CЄΥΗΡΟC CЄB, laureate head, right.
    Rev: ΝΙΚΑΙЄΩΝ, Asklepios standing facing, head left, holding serpent-staff.
    Ref: Rec. Gen. 333; Mionnet Suppl. 5, 589.

    While I don't have access to the relevant volume of RPC,* SNG von Aulock, or Lindgren, it's not on Wildwinds and I can't find an example at acsearchinfo or at Would anyone with access to these references for Nicaea in Bithynia be so kind as to let me know if this coin appears therein?

    I am, however, able to access the online version of RG book 1, volume 3 (page 440), where it is listed as #333, citing a retouched specimen in Milan, an Æ 21 mm with illegible obverse legend.

    Severus Nicaea Asklepios Recuei General listing.JPG

    In addition, it is listed in Mionnet suppl. 5 (p. 109), where it is listed as #589, citing Vaillant and also noting an incomplete obverse legend.

    Severus Nicaea Asklepios Mionnet listing.JPG

    Interestingly, while the British Museum does not have an example of my coin, they do have a larger coin (1.15 in = 29 mm) of Julia Domna with the same reverse type (BMC 13.162,65).

    Domna Nicaea Asklepios BMC listing.JPG

    I guess what I'm trying to ascertain is how rare this thing might be. Is there another example online anywhere? If the Recueil général and Mionnet are the only citations for this coin, then that would mean that the complete obverse inscription is only attested by my particular example.

    Questions I have:
    • Is the specimen in Milan with the illegible obverse legend cited by Waddington (Rec. Gen.) the same one belonging to Vaillant as cited by Mionnet?
    • Who was Vaillant, anyway?
    • What does N.g. mean in the Mionnet listing?
    • Are there any other examples of this coin?

    Post anything you feel is relevant!


    *Unfortunately, RPC volume V.2 is not yet available at the online version of RPC.
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  3. zumbly

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    Pretty rare, I'm guessing. I did a quick search on ISEGRIM and the only hit was the Rec Gen example. I don't have the RPC volume.
    The "Mi" in Rec Gen listing:
    Still, not a confirmation that they're not the same coin, I suppose.
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  4. dougsmit

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    I suggest everyone take the time to read this article on Vaillant just for entertainment if nothing else. It replaced on my want list that will never be achieved a Boscoreale aureus with a gold coin ex (lax) Vaillant - preferably the Otho 'yet to be expected'. ;) I became aware of Vaillant years ago when I was researching a coin he published that was not later repeated in the literature other than quoting his. I did not know any of the details of his life including the fact that he died at my current age. I do find the history of our hobby quite interesting.
  5. Marsyas Mike

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    These Provincials can be difficult to attribute, at least for me. Nice detective work, RC. Sorry to say I can't add anything useful to your findings.

    Here are two Provincials of Septimius Severus with Asclepius reverse (one in a temple):

    Sept. Severus - Pautalia Asclepius temple lot Sep 2020 (0).jpg

    Septimius Severus Æ 28
    (c. 193-211 A.D.)
    Thrace, Pautalia
    Caicilius Largus, Hegemon

    [A]V K Λ CEΠ CEV[HPOC Π]. laureate head right / HΓ[E KAIKI ΛAPΓOV] OVΛΠIAC ΠAVT[AΛIAC]. tetrastyle temple with Asklepios standing with serpent-entwined staff.
    (13.51 grams / 28 mm)
    Attribution Note:
    There are several variations of this type, found exact match for legends via acsearch: Varbanov 4631, noted as rare.
    Numismatik Naumann (formerly Gitbud & Naumann)Auction 33, Lot 288
    July 5, 2015

    Sept Severus - Nicopolis Asclepius lot Sep 2020 (0).jpg

    Septimius Severus Æ 26
    (c. 193-211 A.D.)
    Moesia Inferior,
    Nicopolis ad Istrum
    Aurelius Gallus, consular legate

    AY K•Λ:C CEVHΡOC, laureate head right / VΠ AVP ΓΑΛΛΟV NIKOΠOΛITAN, ΠΡΟCI• in ex., Asklepios standing r., holding serpent-entwined staff on ground.
    (10.53 grams / 26 mm)
    Attribution Note:
    There are several variations of this type, found exact match for legends via acsearch: Mouchmov 909.
    Classical Numismatic Group, Inc. Electronic Auction 441, Lot 294 April 3, 2019

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