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Discussion in 'Ancient Coins' started by ominus1, Mar 20, 2019.

  1. ominus1

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    i don't do this too much(it's my 1st time).. but every coin i've looked at from this ebay seller is a cast counterfeit...i'd suggest avoiding this seller. he/she/they don't say that are cast or reproductions and in my book, that's fraud... a experienced buyer can tell from the casting bubbles, but a novice might not be able too..
    bul_fishing_1981 on's an example of his wares.. i found him when ebay put in my saved list when looking for a coin of Matidia(someone "won" it for a $100)..just a heads up..hope i haven't broken any rules here putting this on & i stand behind my statements... bul_fishing_1981 cast counterfeits.jpg
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  4. ominus1

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  5. dougsmit

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    Rather than breaking the rules, I'd say you are a part of the team trying to rid the hobby of such things. If you get nothing else out of Coin Talk than fellowship with other people who like to help others avoid being cheated, you are doing pretty well as far as I am concerned. While this one was known, keep looking for each new fake-seller.
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  6. LaCointessa

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    That ebay seller's name suggests what he or she is up to: Fishing for a catch using the bull lure they cast out.
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