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    I selling some ancient + medieval coins here.
    Send me a pm if you want to buy any..

    Shipping Prices:
    $1.50 to Canada
    $6 to the USA
    $9 worldwide
    Free combined shipping

    #1: Yazgard II. Drachm
    Sasanian Kingdom. Yazgard II. A.D. 438-457. AR drachm (30mm, 4.0g). Crowned bust right, border of dots / Fire altar with two attendants; border of dots. Göbl 165.
    KINGS of PERSIS. Artaxerxes (Ardashir) II. Late 1st century BC. AR Obol (10mm, 0.7g). Bust left, wearing diadem and Persepolitan crown with stepped battlements; monogram behind / King standing left, holding sceptre; lit altar to left. Alram 577.

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