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    I selling some ancient + medieval coins here.
    Send me a pm if you want to buy any..

    Shipping Prices:
    $1.50 to Canada
    $6 to the USA
    $9 worldwide
    Free combined shipping
    Silver Bent Bar
    Gandhara. Maha Janapada. 500-300 B.C. AR "Bent Bar' satamana (38mm, 11.4g). Taxila mint.
    Obverse: 2 six-petalled flowers at each end
    Reverse: Blank
    Bulgarian Grosh
    BULGARIA. Ivan Alexander and Michael. 1331-1355. AR Grosh (20mm, 1.5g). Christ enthroned; monograms at sides / Ivan and Michael standing, holding banner; monograms at sides

    6 Coin Lot
    Lot.jpg Lot of 6 Coins
    1x Philip II from Commagene
    1x Elagablus Denarius (ex Otto Helbing Nachf Auction 86 Lot 1523 (with tag)
    1x Constantine Sol Invictus (with a old numbered tag glued to the front)
    1x Gallienus
    1x Peter the Great wire coin
    1x Olbia Dolphin coin

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