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Discussion in 'Contests' started by Cazkaboom, Nov 18, 2012.

  1. Cazkaboom

    Cazkaboom One for all, all for me.

    Hello Folks of Cointalk

    I am Cannyn and I will be the host of this year's Secret Santa gift exchange. Last year's exchange was a fun one, and lots of people enjoyed it. I asked around and the people who participated previously said they'd happily do it again. So I am here to get all of you in the holiday mood. I found that if I put it in the Contest section (though not much of a contest) It'll stay up top of the sub-forum longer so this is where it'll lie.

    If you are interested in participating, Feel free to comment here, PM your name and address; and for giggles, include something you're interested in that can relate to numismatics (Example: Horses)

    I will give until December 12th for the people interested to post, then I will put the names in a hat and draw for you.

    Here are the rules of the exchange:
    Participating members must have 55 or more posts
    The item(s) must be numismatically related
    The item(s) will amount to the price of $15 or slightly around. Please have a conscience and do what is right.
    You must mail your gifts when I send you the address of whom you are sending to
    Do not put your screenname on the package unless you really want to let the cat out of the bag. But for our friends at the Post Office, please do write your residential name
    Unless somebody states they are willing to ship internationally, this contest will be only open to people in the US (Sorry :()
    I reserve the right to deny somebody the privilege to play if I do not trust them

    The procedure:
    Put every participating person's screen name in a container
    Put every screen name and address in another container
    Draw one member, and draw out of the other bag and match them up.
    If the name and member match, I will throw them back in and draw again so nobody gets themselves
    If I draw people sending gifts to eachother, I will re-draw
    I send the addresses to those who are participating and the participants and you send a gift
    You Send/receive gifts
    You Open
    You enjoy, thank, and boast on cointalk
    Thread dies off eventually
    Another exchange opens up next year

    If the gift comes early, as a challenge try to restrain your excitement of wanting to tear it open and wait until christmas (I lasted 20 minutes). Then feel free post what you got from your "secret" Santa (we love pictures here).

    Now Last year, there was a bump in the road from a member who didn't get the memo, and promptly got banned, so if you feel cheated, please don't make it public. Take it to either them, or me. Thanks in advance.

    Let the gifting begin!


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  3. bigjpst

    bigjpst Well-Known Member

    Sounds good, I'm in. Thanks for running the exchange!
  4. RiverGuy

    RiverGuy Tired and Retired

    I'm in as well - it was great fun last year!
  5. vdbpenny1995

    vdbpenny1995 Well-Known Member

    Might have to try it this year!
  6. John14

    John14 Active Member

    Sounds fun, I'm in. Thanks!
  7. dimeguy

    dimeguy Dime Enthusiast

    Ah, what the heck. I'll be in it this year. Thanks for hosting/organizing.
  8. Cazkaboom

    Cazkaboom One for all, all for me.

    Oh man! Its coming along! Got a bunch of people interested. Let's make this one giant exchange guys!
  9. miedbe7

    miedbe7 Wayward Collector

    I want to thank you for setting this up. I'm not in just yet though. I have one question and it pertains to the statement quoted above. I thought you would just match us with one person/one address to send one gift to, if I understand Secret Santa from past years of doing it IRL. That statement makes it sound like those who PM you will receive a list with multiple options to send to, choosing one, some or all? Am I missing something here? Thanks!
  10. Cazkaboom

    Cazkaboom One for all, all for me.

    I was tired as heck when I wrote it. I just edited it to be right.
  11. miedbe7

    miedbe7 Wayward Collector

    Ok, cool. I'm in. I'll PM my info shortly.
  12. moneyer12

    moneyer12 i just love UK coins.......

    count me in again, it was great last year............
  13. lucyray

    lucyray Ariel -n- Tango

    Count me in Cannyn.

    Thanks for once again putting this together.

  14. wgpjr

    wgpjr Collector

    I think I'll do it this year!
  15. Jwt708

    Jwt708 Well-Known Member

    Aww...too bad you need 55 posts to join in :(
  16. Kirkuleez

    Kirkuleez 80 proof Supporter

    Please count me in. Thanks Caz.
  17. cciesielski01

    cciesielski01 Laced Up

    I may be in this year give me a couple days and ill shoot you a pm cannyn
    Thanks again for setting this all up
  18. clorox

    clorox Member

    Sounds fun, I'm in!
  19. headsortails

    headsortails Member

  20. Blissskr

    Blissskr Well-Known Member

    I'll join in this year as last years thread looked like people had a good time, except that one guy lol.
  21. Rassi

    Rassi #GoCubs #FlyTheW #WeAreGood Supporter

    When do you need 55 posts by to qualify? I'm not quite there.... shucks....
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