Seated Liberty Grease Strike Thru?

Discussion in 'Error Coins' started by ChristopherCollectsCoin, Jan 14, 2020.

  1. Here I have another new piece I picked up because I noticed some unusual stuff. I wanted to be sure, but I think this is an error piece as the detail of the coin is too fine and the rim is still pretty much there. I wanted some opinions and help let me know what some of you think. Maybe what even sort of value for something like this? I cannot find Seated Liberty errors like this.

    Here you can see that the "OF" in United States of America is pretty much missing and the "A" in America is fading. The Liberty Cap has a flat surface and so does the face on Liberty. You can see that the hair still keeps good detail at the same time, but the face is like the coin was in poor condition or fine/VG. The detail of the dress is great and too perfect in my opinion.

    Here you will see the wreath is flat at the bottom while the top portion keeps detail. The rim, still there as well. You can kind of see there is good detail by looking at the corn on the right.
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    yes, struck thru grease
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    PMC - Poor Maintenance Control!
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