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    I am currently in Thailand after attending the Eur-Seree auction they have 3 times a year. I came over in December on a multi-entry visa since my wife is Thai and we hopped on a repatriation flight. Missed two auctions last year due to COVID but the visa makes it easier to come over now. So at the December auction I won the bid on a huge lot of mostly uncirculated Thai coins. In that lot were several uncirculated 10 baht Thai Alphabet anniversary coins and some other goodies. So I sent in some earlier and got back 2 MS 67s. At that time there were only 9 with that grade and now 2 of them were mine. So I sent the remaining 3 coins in before I left for Thailand and Friday they shipped so I was able to see the grades. 2 MS67 (I now have 4 of the 11 in that grade) and happily one MS68, the only one to make it to that grade. Checking the PCGS POP report there are 4 in MS66 and none graded higher by them. So this one TOP POP will go into my collection to remain for quite awhile unless I can squeeze out a 69 on the ones I will send in when I get home. Screenshot (6).png Screenshot (7).png
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    MS68 sure ain't nothin' to sneeze at! Nice coin.
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    Something about owning the best world! Congratulations... Not easily achieved.
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