Same serial number, Two different notes

Discussion in 'Paper Money' started by Topcat7, Jun 9, 2023.

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    Magical Snap - 2023.06.10 08.27 - 005.jpg Magical Snap - 2023.06.10 08.28 - 006.jpg Found on eBay today.
    Can banknotes from the same country, with the same denomination, from the same 'series', have the same serial number, be legitimate? (Albeit 'specimen' notes?)
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  3. Burton Strauss III

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    SPECIMEN are sample notes. Why not?
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  4. OldDogEyes

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    It's possible that one seller "stole" the image from the other seller. Could indicate laziness or fraud. Could also be possible that the seller have two different eBay accounts and is playing games. For the amount that these notes are selling for, I would stay far away from these auctions...
  5. Notaphylic_C

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    They're specimens & typically have serial number 000000 with the same initial prefix. Nothing special & super overpriced IMO. Not sure why collectors go for these b/c they were a common series too. (Buying UNC 5 Pound specimens from Southern Rhodesia would make more sense to me). Specimens were used for bank training & were never intended for circulation (always zero value). I guess if I was a bank executive I might be tempted. Issued replacements from this series were much more sought after by most collectors I know. Specimens are often sold to the public after the fact (like non circulating coins). Sellers can ask whatever they like & that's what they tend to do.
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    Setup notes
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    When in doubt, pass it by !
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