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    All persons and situations depicted in this story are purely fictitious and any resemblance to existing persons and situation are totally coincidental.

    June 276, Lugdunum mint, Gaul.

    Discussion between the scalptores in chief of the workshop and his subordinates:

    We just had fresh news from a messenger: our Augustus Tacitus just died , strucked down by a terrible fever.
    How old was he ?
    He was a venerable 76 years old
    Did the Senate chose a new emperor?
    Well, we heard that Florianus, his Praetorian Prefect, claimed the title, and is recognize by the Senate. We had received new instructions: we're gonna have to increase the production in our workshop. The new Augustus wants to secure the support of all his troops.
    And what about Commander Probus in the East ?
    That may be a problem.Rumor has it that he does not support the new appointment.
    But how are we gonna start striking new coins ? Do we at least have a portrait of this Florianus ? We have to start engraving new dies...
    No time for that. Orders are orders. Just use the old dies for the moment and we'll wait for new instructions.

    Maybe this scenario really happened 17 centuries ago. That's what I concluded when I saw this unsold lot from Roma's last month auction. I spied with my little eyes some similarities...and just add it to my collection. Do you see some ressemblance with my old Tacitus ?

    Tacitus Lugdunum
    Florian Lugdunum

    Maybe you tell yourself : it's normal they look alike, weren't they brothers ? Many scholars questioned this idea in recent years. First, Florian's different nomen, Annius rather than Claudius, means that he cannot have been Tacitus's full brother as Historia Augusta implies; some might argue that they are in fact brothers by the same mother. But they had a difference in age of almost 35 years...which makes this hypothesis rather implausible.



    After presenting you my newest acquisition, I'd really like to see your examples of same portrait of different emperors !

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    WOW, interesting... got me to looking at my coins:


    RI Tacitus 275-276 CE AE Ant Providentia


    RI Florianus Jul-Aug 276 CE AE23 Concord-Milit AE Antoninianus 4.2g, IMP C M AN FLORIANVS P AVG radiate Siscia RIC 57
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    I remember see same thing with Victorinus/Marius and Maximino Thrax/ Alexandre Severo but no pictures for you.
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    Impressive resemblance @Ocatarinetabellatchitchix. You were well inspired at buying it

    My examples of the two don't show such similarities by far. They're more like on the statues you also showed

    Tacitus, Antoninianus - Ticinium mint, AD 275-276
    IMP C M CL TACITVS AVG, Radiate bust of Tacitus right
    SECVRIT PERP, Securitas standing left leaning on column, retrograde µ at exergue
    4.03 gr
    Ref : RCV #11812, Cohen #131, RIC V (1) 163

    Florianus, Antoninianus - Lyon mint, 3rd emission, 1st officina
    IMP C M AN FLORIANVS AVG, radiate, draped and cuirassed bust right seen from front (A)
    TEMPORVM FELICITAS, Felicitas standing raight, holding caduceus in right hand and cornucopia in left hand. I at exergue (1st officina)
    4.1 gr
    Ref : RCV # 11874v., Bastien # 146 pl. XVI, RIC # 12, C # 89, La Venèra hoard # II.2/2632

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    Florian looks like Caracalla if someone squished his head down.
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