WTS: Sacramento National Note, Daniel Carr Silver & a $5 Gold Liberty

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    Here I’m selling a 1929 Sacramento National Note for $220 obo! Next is the Daniel Carr 1907 St. Gaudens with Wings in Silver for $120, only 60 minted! After that is a 1905-S Liberty Head $5 Gold Coin, shows signs of cleaning, so it’s priced accordingly at $470 or best offer, melt today is at $448. If you have any questions shoot me a private message. If you have American Silver Eagles and you want to do a part cash part ASE’s trade, shoot me a PM! Payment is PayPal gift or send me a postal money order. Thank you

    charterc.JPG charterg.JPG carr1.JPG carr3.JPG carr4.JPG carr5.JPG 1905e.JPG 1905c.JPG 1905b.JPG 1905f.JPG
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