RR Denarius, M Aemilius Scaurus and P Plautius Hypsaeus, 58 BC, scarce 1a variety, $90

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    Roman Republic AR denarius(18.5mm, 3.89g). M. Aemilius Scaurus and P. Plautius Hypsaeus, 58 BC, Rome mint. Camel right; before, kneeling figure, holding reins in left hand and olive-branch tied with fillet in right hand; above, M SCAVR; on either side, EX SC; below, AED CVR. Border of dots / Jupiter in quadriga left, holding reins in left hand and hurling thunderbolt with right hand; above, P HVPSAEVS; AED CVR in two lines. Below, C HVPSAE COS; PREIVER in two lines. On right, CAPTVM upwards. Border of dots. Crawford 422/1a; Aemilia 9; Sydenham 912; Russo RBW 1518.

    The obverse of this denarius commemorates the surrender of the Nabataean King Aretas III to Pompey's general M. Aemilius Scaurus in 62 BC. The reverse commemorates a much older event, the capture of Privernum in 329 BC by the second moneyer's ancestor, Gaius Plautius Decianus(The moneyer lists HVPSAEVS but Crawford suggests that this is actually an error made by the moneyer). These two moneyers have two main varieties of denarii and this is the significantly scarcer of the two without "REX ARETAS" on obverse and without the Scorpion on the reverse and while worn is centered better than average on a larger than usual flan.

    $90+$4 shipping in the USA, payment by PayPal, authenticity guaranteed for life.

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