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Discussion in 'US Coins Forum' started by Semi, Jan 24, 2020.

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    I recently started collecting again after a 25 year or so break . I sold most of my collection 20 years ago except for a few partially completed set that had very low value. I felt the need to complete the the sets I started years ago. The three sets I had kept where : Lincoln cent , Buffalo nickel and roosevelt dime. I decided to start of with finishing the roosevelt dimes first sense they would be the cheapest and thought that would be a good way to wet my feet so to speak. I had all the roosevelt's up to 1992 and decided to start from 92 and work my way up to date . I have had fun looking through hundreds of dimes at a few local coin stores and a few coin shows and even online for the ones I couldn't find just because there cost is so low I couldn't find then in person. To date I have all Philadelphia and Denver minted examples to 2019 and most proof clad and silver. I need 2012 - 2017 so I have been looking online mostly Ebay..... and finally here's my question lol why is that all the magazines books online sources like NGC, PCGS and USA coin all list the proof clad dimes of those years around $ 2.50-$3.00 & silver proofs at $5.00-6.00 and every listing I have seen for 2012 has them any where from $8.00 - $12.00 for clad proofs and from $10.00 to as high as $35.00 for the silver proof ? And they are raw not slabed

    Any explanation to help me understand what I'm missing would be greatly appreciated
    Thanks in advance
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    Well, "book value" is always high -- as I understand it, that's "the price at which any dealer would be happy to sell it to you", AKA "full retail". Nice examples for a particular grade can cost more than book value, but average or below-average examples for the grade can be had for less.

    The 2012 sets are an odd case -- the Mint stopped sales of them much earlier than usual, which led to a frenzy of demand, even though their mintages weren't exceptionally low.
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    X2 and welcome to CT.
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    The prices you've quoted are an average based on various sales through dealers, auctions and at coin shows. As for the 2012 issues, patience. The prices are dropping slowly as I've seen the complete silver proof sets going for north of two-hundred a year ago to under $145 currently. Although I have not followed the individual denomination prices it stands to reason these are falling similar.
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