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Discussion in 'Coin Chat' started by mrbrklyn, Jan 18, 2009.

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    Nice! I like the site :D
  4. tonylynch

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    Nice site, Reuben!
  5. randygeki

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  6. mrbrklyn

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    Thanks. Its a simple site but I hope people enjoy it. It is using nearly a 3rd of my total bandwidth over the last few months and growing.

  7. snaz

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    Nice site Ruben!
  8. mrbrklyn

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    My youngest Son as a Roosevelt Dime Collection. I hope I can get him to update it with his collection :)

  9. mrbrklyn

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    [​IMG] Roosevelt Dimes [​IMG]

    Mon Jan 19 07:51:56 2009 With the death of Franklin Roosevelt in 1945 at the close of World War II, the nation mourned it's leader, for many the only President they had ever known, with the installment of Franklin's image on the US Dime. Roosevelt was closely associated with the "March of Dimes" charitable campaign against birth defefects. And with this, all the work to beautify our coinage under Teddy Roosevelt was completely undone and we had dead Presidents on all our coinage, the Cent, Nickel, Quarter and finally the Dime. The Portrait was lifted from a previous medal design which was created by sculptor Selma Burke and then adapted to the coin by Mint cheif engraver John Sinnock. The resulting Obverse is actually rather pleasant although to my eye the Protrait could as well look like Harry truman as Roosevelt. [​IMG]
    Selma Burke's Plaque of Franklin Roosevelt [​IMG]
    John Sinnock protrait of Franklin Roosevelt on the US Dime The reverse of the Dime has a torch, an oak branch and an olive branch. It is a decent memorial to the President who lead the US through the depression and the war.
    I've pulled a number of dimes from circulation over the last few years, starting with this 1957 silver specimen. When I was young there were a lot of silver coins still in circulation. today, however, silver examples in circulation is very rare. This dime was pulled by me in early 2007.
    [​IMG] [​IMG]
    1957 Silver Roosevelt Dime pulled from circulation 2007
    This is a very decent 1985 P Roosevelt pulled from circulation. These business strikes are hard to find in good shape. for one thing, they weren't struck particulary well. This is an exceptional pull. This dime has slight doubling on the date.
    [​IMG] [​IMG]
    1985 Clad Roosevelt P pulled from Circulation
    This is a 1997 P Dime with a nice luster
    [​IMG] [​IMG]
    1997 Roosevelt Dime P
    This is a 2001 D which I thought looked great in the hand but on photographying it seems to have some decent rim nicks and chatter.
    [​IMG] [​IMG]
    2001 D
    This is a nice shiny 2003 D
    [​IMG] [​IMG]
    2003 D

    Our modest collection generally contains the following coins types. Click to see these examples show below including photography: Gold Coins - Not too many Morgan Silver Dollars Peace Silver Dollars Large Cent Coppers Seated Half Dollars Buffalo Nickels Mercury (Liberrty Head) Dimes Standing Libery Quarter Walking Liberty Half Dollars Barber Half Dollars Franklin Half Dollars Flying Eagle Cents Modern American Silver Eagle uncirculated mint coins and proofs Eisenhower Clad and Silver Dollars Sacawagea Golden Dollars Modern Silver and Clad Proof Sets Modern Silver and Clad 2008 Commorative Bald Eagle Series Lincoln Cents and Wheat Backs Jefferson Nickels Roosevelt Dime Washington and Washington State Quarters Kennedy Half Dollars Circulated US Silver Coins prior to 1964
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    Ruben you have a interesting profile! I am looking to start a online and paper directory. How do i get started?
  11. mrbrklyn

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    what kind of directory?
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