Rome under snow..

Discussion in 'Ancient Coins' started by galba68, Dec 15, 2018.

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    Lovely photo by FLAVIO OBRADOVICH

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    Beautiful photo!
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    I agree, a beautiful photo!

    Here is my own story:
    In January 1985 I was in Rome with my family. In the evening we were sitting in one of the nice street restaurants. But in the night the temperature has fallen by about 20° Celsius. The first problem was that the hotel has had no heating. It was bitterly cold so that we shuddering woke up in the night. And as you know the beds in Rome have no warming bed cover but only a sheet like an envelope. The streets in Rome were covered with 10 to 20cm snow. Because snow is falling in Rome only each 17th year (I have heard) the city of Rome has no own vehicles or machines for snow shovelling. They must come from Bologna, Torino and Milano and that took 3 days. During this 3 days Rome was dead. Because the Mayor by radio has challenged the inhabitants to stay home the driver of busses, trains and subways stay at home too. It was chaotically! Because of this mistake the mayor was dismissed. The only institution that functioned was the Mafia: In the morning all streets were full of children and young people waving with moonboots and snow chains. The problem was that the average Roman was not able to fix the chains to the wheels of his car.

    The most remarkable event was a snowball fight between priests in their black soutanes on the St. Peter's Square!

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    The first Pantheon temple was build in 27BC under Marcus Agrippa, general and appointed successor of emperor Augustus.

    Agrippa neptune.jpg

    That temple was destroyed in the great fire of Rome in 80 AD.

    emperor Domitianus (81-96 AD) had it rebuild soon after, but in 110 AD it was again severely damaged by lightning , it was repaired under emperor Trajanus 98-117 AD.

    under emperor Hadrianus (117-138) the temple was completely rebuild with the famous concrete dome with the oculus at the top, to honour Agrippa Hadrian put the original text in bronze
    on the entrance M.AGRIPPA.L.F COS.TERTIUM.FECIT (build by Agrippa when Consul for the third time)

    in front of the temple stands an egyptian obelisk from Farao Ramses the second.

    From 609 AD untill now it serves as a Catholic church the "" Santa Maria and
    Martyres ""

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