WTS: Roman Silver Coins, the four volumes by Seaby

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    Roman Silver Coins by H. A. Seaby.

    Volume 1 has line drawings of most Republican types, classified by moneyer's family (not chronologicaly).
    Volume 2 has line drawings of relatively few types.
    Volumes 3 (1969) and 4 (1971) have photographs of some types.

    All are in excellent condition. Volume 1 has a (nearly) complete list of types of Republican denarii with most illustrated with line drawings. The others have (very nearly) complete listings of the types but far from complete illustrations.

    Not the most recent edition, but far cheaper! [$25+$4.50 shipping in the US only]

    If you are interested in late Roman silver, this is the book:
    Roman Silver Coins, Volume V: CARAUSIUS TO ROMULUS AUGUSTUS by C. E. King and David R. Sear. Seaby, London, 1987. 214 pages, including 74 pages of introductory articles, 295 illustrations and a map, valuations. Casebound, dust jacket. Very Fine as new condition. The concluding volume in the series of books dealing exclusively with the Roman silver coinage. (Argenti, siliquae, milirense) All major known types of silver issues are listed alphabetically by reverse type using Cohen's numbering, with letters added to describe varieties he did not list. Cross referenced to RIC. Convenient. Still standard reference on late Roman silver and very useful. Listing every known type and variety of silver coin issued between the coinage reform of Diocletian (AD 284 - 305) and the issues of the British usurper Carausius (AD 286/7 - 293) through the deposition of Romulus Augustus in the West (AD 476) and the death of the eastern emperor Zeno (AD 491) . [$22 + $3.50 shipping in the US only]

    For other ancient-coin books, see: http://augustuscoins.com/numislit.html
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