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    Under the Roman Republic there were yearly elections. Two types of denarii have voting scenes and this is one. It is far more explicit as to what happened when voting than the other type (which is Crawford 413/1 of L. Cassius Longinus 60 BC):

    P. Lininius Nerva, 113/112 BC. Denarius. 17 mm. 3.79 grams.
    Helmeted bust of Roma left, with spear and shield, horseman on shield
    Voting scene with two citizens, one casting his ballot and the other being handed his ballot by an attendant. P. NERVA (NE in monogram).
    Crawford 292/1. Sear 169.
    Lovely toning and centering. Excellent detail. Clear action. [$295 SOLD + $7 shipping in the US]

    Please compare prices elsewhere, if you can find examples. None on vcoins as I write. Remember, auction coins have "buyer's fees" and really cost more than the hammer price.

    EDIT: One just came up on MA_Shops:

    My coin is not yet on my site. I'm giving my friends at CoinTalk first shot.
    For more ancient coins, see:
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