WTT: Roman Republican for Roman Imperial

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    The following coin has been posted numerous times from me, I feel like this is a great coin but I'd rather have Imperials than Republicans.

    What I want...
    I am looking to complete my basic Constantine Dynasty. I am accepting offers for one or more of the following, any condition.
    • Constantine I "The Great"
    • Fausta 2nd Wife
    • Any other coin you feel I might like based on my posts, I'll keep an open mind.
    Please do not hesitate to PM me about this, I am willing to negotiate

    I am offering...
    M. Aurelius Scarus 118 BC AR Denarius
    3.95g 19mm Narbo Mint
    M AVRELI ROMA XVI monogram behind helmeted head of Roma right
    Gallic warrior driving biga right, SCAVRI below/ L LIC CN DOM

    APC_0199.jpg APC_0200.jpg
    Or if you know of a coin that I own that you really want...it never hurts to ask...

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