Roman Republican coin found in Carlisle, England

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    A coin from the Roman Republic, dating from approximately 82 BCE, has been discovered in Carlisle, England. This is the most recent discovery at the Carlisle site, the source of many recent Roman finds (see below). It is unclear how this coin, minted in Rome and predating Julius Caesar's arrival to the island in 55 BCE, ended up in England.

    Coin minted in 82BC discovered in Carlisle Roman bathhouse dig (

    Other finds at Carlisle have included this clump of Tyrian Purple:


    Recent excavations at Carlisle had previously uncovered a soft purple mass. Recent studies have revealed that it is composed of beeswax and bromine. Researchers suggest that this is a solid sample of Tyrian purple dye, possibly a unique finding in Roman archaeology. This expensive and prized dye was only accessible to the elite of the Roman world.

    According to the article, the rare dye was made from the glands of a marine snail, and about 12,000 of these snails were needed to obtain less than 2g of pigment.

    Archaeologists Find Rare Item Worth More to Romans Than Its Weight in Gold - Newsweek

    These beautiful gems were also recently discovered:


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    Thanks for the article links!
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    Nice article and images.
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    That purple and green seal is stunning
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    That RR Denarius could have been in circulation for a long time before it was brought into Britannia. Who knows, it could have been brought in during Julius Caesar's early conquest attempts or much later, during the reign of the Five Good Emperors. Maybe if there was hoard evidence, we could find out more about it.
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