WTS: Roman Republic Corn-ear(grain-ear) series uncia from Sicily, struck during the Siege of Syracuse $55

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    I've upgraded and am selling my previous example of the corn-ear(grain-ear in American English) uncia. This type was struck on the island of Sicily circa 214-212 BC and is probably related to the Siege of Syracuse. This is a nice example retaining good detail with some light smoothing and I believe some artificial darkening of the patina, but priced as such. I'm asking $55 + $3 shipping in the USA. I can get a quote for international shipping if you'd like. Payment by PayPal. Thanks for looking!

    Roman Republic Æ Uncia(21.0 mm, 6.43 g, 11 h). Anonymous, first "grain ear"/"corn ear" series. 214-212 B.C. Sicilian mint. Helmeted head of Mars right; pellet behind / ROMA, Prow of galley right; ROMA and grain ear above, pellet below. Crawford 42/4; Sydenham -

    Ex Agora 42, 10/6/2015, lot 112

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