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    I'm selling a few coins from my personal collection, including the final two coins of my silver imitatives collection, to help fund a new acquisition I'm planning. Shipping is $3 in the USA for USPS first class in a bubble mailer and is free if you buy more than one. Buy all 3 and I'll even upgrade it to priority shipping for free. Feel free to PM me with any questions you may have about these coins. As always, everything is guaranteed genuine for life

    1. A nice Janus-headed as of the moneyer Pinarius Natta. This is a great big coin, 24.68 grams, 31mm. A nice example of a Roman Republic as with Janus on the obverse and the prow of a war galley on the reverse. This coin has a beautiful green patina with some original dirt remaining, especially in the crevices.
    Roman Republic Æ as(24.68g 31mm), NAT(Pinarius Natta?), moneyer, 155 B.C. Rome mint. Laureate head of bearded Janus, I above / Prow right; above, NAT; below, ROMA. Crawford 200/2

    2. One of the most interesting imitations I've ever come across and prehaps my favorite of all that I ever owned. An imitation of the denarius of the moneyer C Calpurnius Piso Frugi, the prototype for which would have been minted in 67 B.C.. This was probably minted by the Geto-Dacians in modern-day Romania however there were evidently many groups minting similar imitations and it is my belief that these imitations were minted into Imperial times, so it's hard to be sure exactly when and by whom it was minted, but that is the fun of these coins.

    I've attached two photos, one with the white background from a few years ago when I purchased the coin which shows the detail better, and then the black background which shows the toning better. This coin has continued to tone a bit sitting in my trays and has developed some nice golden highlights. Let me know if you want an even more recent picture and I'll get one. I am sad to see this go, but I have stopped collecting imitations so it's time it goes to a new home.
    Imitations of Roman Republic coinage, unknown group(possibly Geto-Dacian?), AR denarius(18mm, 3.59g), after 61 B.C. Types of C. Calpurnius Piso Frugi. Laureate head of Apollo right; behind, Π / Horseman right with palm; above, star; below, CΓISOLΓ. Cf. Crawford 408/1a, obv. die 6(Π), rev. die 14(star) for prototype

    3. SOLD This denarius is an ancient plated counterfeit but with relatively thick plating that is mostly intact, save for a few spots where the core is showin through. Interestingly this is a reverse die match to Ne3 in Phil Davis's collection of imitations. This is a case where a forger in an ancient workshop mixed up his dies at least twice, making two coins combining elements from three different coins. A really fascinating coin and in my opinion very cheap at the asking price. If one could find more die matches one could possibly reconstruct the die usage and workings of an ancient forger's workshop, which would probably make a fascinating topic for a paper.
    Imitations of Roman Republic AR plated denarius(3.13g), after 75 B.C., imitating types of C. Egnatius Cn. F. Cn. N. Maxsumus and L. Papius. Diademed and draped bust of Libertas right, behind pileus and blundered legend(prototype=MAXSVMVS). Border of dots. / Gryphon springing right. Below, uncertain symbol. In exergue, L PAPI. Bead-and-reel border. Cf. Crawford 391/3 & Crawford 384/1 for prototypes. Cf. Davis Ne3(this reverse die)
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