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Discussion in 'Ancient Coins' started by Montmercure, Sep 25, 2022.

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    hello all .... and especially to lovers of Aes Grave

    I came across an interesting Sextans, currently on sale with the following explanations:

    Coin casting
    Æ Sextans, circa 240 BC.
    Obverse: Shell seen from above; below, two globules (pellets).
    Rev: caduceus; globule (pellet) on both sides and on the right a sickle.

    Ref: Haeberlin pl. 31, 13-14. Aes Grave 53. Sydenham 48. Thurlow-Vecchi 40. Crawford 8/25

    64.30 g; 39 millimeters

    and beautiful illustrations that accompany the sale

    r015ed908-50a4-4de5-9758-8cc9c77c8f85-removebg-preview.png a83e70a7a-12b6-4dc8-8cb9-d378f7ccd410-removebg-preview.png

    If we consider its weight - 64.3 gr - the coin presented cannot be (to my point of view) a Sextan from around 240 BC, because specimens listed so come from an As of 272 grams, that is to say that they weigh an average of 45.3 grams (1/6 of an As). And 53 grams at most*.

    On the other hand, there are Sextans of the same type and of the same order of weight, (Crawford 14/5) coming from an As of 322 grams, i.e. they weigh an average of 54 grams** (1/6 d'as) but they were current around 280 BC and never have a sickle on the reverse

    So what about the Sextans for sale?

    *Haeberlin **CNG sale 282 lot 217 one copy at 68 grams
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  3. Montmercure

    Montmercure Active Member

    I must admit that I am a little surprised by the lack of response to my post.:bear:

    On the other hand I had written to the expert of the sales platform and he has just answered me:

    Dear François,
    Thank you for the message and apologies for writing to you in English. You're absolutely right, the weight doesn't match the type; I don't think it concerns a 19th century copy, nevertheless I removed the lot from auction and asked for additional images, info regarding the provenance and verification of the weight.
    Thank you for the notification, best regards

    So we will see in the future if the coin is relisted and if its weight has been revised.:angelic:

    Thanks for your likes !
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  4. ominus1

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    .most all the exictable cane raisers left....^^
  5. Cherd

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    I read through your post multiple times, but couldn't seem to figure out exactly where this item was listed. (There's references to multiple auctions and so forth, but they're all past) After a while I just assumed that I was misinterpreting something and gave up.

    In any case, the point of giving people a heads-up on a mis-listed item is kind of defeated if you also give the seller the same heads-up...... isn't it? Or am I also misinterpreting those intentions?

    Can't speak for everyone, but in my case, I didn't respond because I'm not quite certain what the post is about.
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