Roman Provincial Coin Cities-- How many can we cover?

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    PISIDIA, Sagalassus Hadrian ae 22 Zeus seated
    RPC III, 2793 var. no eagle at feet; SNG France 1766

    Laureate and draped bust of Hadrian, right

    Zeus seated l., holding Nike on his extended r. hand, l. resting on sceptre.

    8.26 gr
    22 mm
    1127 P hadrian RPC2793.jpg
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  3. Okidoki

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    CARIA Euippe Hadrian, Artemis statue

    RPC III -; apparently unpublished; uncertain c/m within incuse circle.

    Obv. [ ] AΔPIANOC [ ]?
    Laureate and cuirassed bust of Hadrian, right, with a radiated head right facing on Hadrian his bust

    Facing statue of Artemis Ephesia, with supports; to inner left and right, stag standing outward, facing

    19.82 gr
    31 mm
    1148 P Hadrian RPC.jpg
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  4. TIF

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  5. Roman Collector

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    What? No Sebaste in Samaria? Well, let's rectify that. You can read more about this coin and city here.

    Soaemias Sebaste Temple.jpg
    Julia Soaemias, AD 218-222.
    Roman Provincial AE 21.4 mm, 12.48 g.
    Samaria, Sebaste, AD 218-222.
    Obv: SVΛEMIAS ΛV[GVSTΛ] SEB, bare-headed and draped bust, right.
    Rev: COL• L• SE• [SEB• ASTE•], temple of the Capitoline Jupiter* with four columns; Jupiter standing in center between Athena and Hera. Wreath within pediment.
    Ref: Rosenberger 36 (die match); Price & Trell 786; SNG ANS 1083.
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  6. TIF

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    Wonderful coin! Sebaste (Samaria) is now ticked off the list.
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    Is it wrong I want to buy a coin to satisfy the list?

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  8. TIF

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    Heh, I know the feeling.
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  9. cmezner

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    Could not resist this Trajan - Zeus Ammon Hemidrachm when I saw it yesterday on mrbcoins. And then my husband bought it for me. Sweet :)

    I know it is not a beauty, several scratches, but I like Trajan's expression, I even think he is more imposing than Zeus, and I like the ram's horn on Zeus. Besides, I already have the sestertius, which now has a hemidrachm as companion.:)

    There seems to be some disagreements where they were minted: cng says Caesarea in Cappadocia, as well as mrbcoins says Cyrene, and Sydenham attributes this type to Arabia Petraea, Bostra. Go figure.
    It would be very interesting to know (read somewhere) their arguments for attributing it to these different mints.
    If I understand correctly this article:
    on page 5 (p.66) they say, and I quote "For a long time these issues were thought to have been struck in Cappadoccia....Excavations have now shown that these issues were used only in Cyrenaica, and a closer examination of style, fabric and circulation patterns now make it certain that the mint was at Cyrene". But this was published in 1992, and I can't find when Sydenham attributed the type to Bostra.

    Sharing both (the picture of the hemidrachm is from mrbcoins, I don't have the coin yet):
    Æ Sestertius, 28 x 30 mm, 19.96 g;
    Arabia Petraea, Bostra, (previously attributed to Cyrenaica, Cyrene), 103 - 111 AD
    Ref.: Metcalf, Silver P. 83, note 1 (for attribution to Cyrene);Sydenham, Caesarea 232; RPC III 5
    Obverse: AYTOKP KAIC NEP TPAIANOC CEB ΓERM ΔAK Laureate bust of Trajan r., slight drapery on far shoulder
    Reverse: ΔHMARX - EΞ YΠAT TE Head of Zeus-Ammon r.


    AR Hemidrachm, 15.68 mm, 1.53 g
    Cyrenaica, Cyrene, 100 AD
    Ref.: Sydenham 178
    Obverse: AΥT KAIΣ NEΡ TΡAIAN ΣEB ΓEPM Laureate bust of Trajan r., slight drapery on far shoulder (?)
    Reverse: ΔHMAPX - EΞ YΠAT Γ Bearded head of Zeus-Ammon r.with ram’s horn over his ear

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