AD: Roman Imperial Coins for auction - Heritage Auctions, April 21 - Closing 8pm CT/9pm ET

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    Hey everyone,

    Please check out my lots that are a part of the Heritage World & Ancient Coins Weekly Online Auction #232116, closing tomorrow (April 21, 2021) at 8pm CT/9pm ET. All coins are Roman imperial.

    1. Germanicus
    AE As
    A centred and well-struck example.
    Ex Benito Collection

    2. Vespasian
    AR Denarius
    Bold portrait with an interesting and uncommon reverse.
    Ex CGB Numismatics

    3. Vespasian
    AE As/Dupondius
    An interesting issue, likely minted in Rome and intended for circulation in the East.
    Ex CNG

    4. Antoninus Pius
    AE Sestertius
    A sharply struck portrait, and a beautiful, uniform dark patina.
    Ex Calgary Coin

    5. Julia Mamaea
    AR Denarius
    Exceptional portrait and reverse, and highly lustrous.
    Ex CNG

    6. Herennia Etruscilla
    AR Antoninianus
    Striking portrait, especially with hair detail.
    Ex Calgary Coin

    7. Valerian II
    AR Antoninianus
    Great reverse detail.
    Ex Heritage

    8. Arcadius
    AR Siliqua
    A very pleasant example for the type.
    Ex Pegasi Numismatics
    Ex Collection of a Classicist 1950-1990

    This photograph better captures its toning.

    Thank you!
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