Roman Imperatorial & Imperial Coins for Auction - Heritage Auctions, May 7-Closing 10am CT/11am ET

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    Hey everyone,

    Please check out my lots that are a part of the Heritage Auctions Signature Internet Session, closing Friday, May 7, 2021 at 10am CT/11am ET.

    1. Octavian
    AR Denarius
    Deep cabinet toning and an excellent reverse.
    Ex Randall M. Collection
    Ex Calgary Coin

    2. Augustus
    AR Denarius
    An excellent portrait and historically significant reverse featuring the Julian comet.
    Ex Randall M. Collection
    Ex Calgary Coin|0

    3. Augustus
    AR Denarius
    Lustrous. Reverse features Caius caesar on horseback.
    Ex Stack's Bowers

    4. Augustus
    AR Denarius
    Detailed portrait and beautiful champagne toning.
    Ex Stack's Bowers|0

    5. Claudius
    AE As
    Exceptionally engraved portrait and reverse.
    Ex Calgary Coin

    6. Vespasian
    AE Sestertius
    Strong example of Flavian portraiture and a beautiful chocolate patina.
    Ex CNG|0

    7. Eugenius
    AR Siliqua
    An excellent example of a scarce usurper.
    Ex Heritage Auctions

    8. Theodosius II
    AR Miliarense
    A scarcer denomination with exquisite cabinet toning and a 70s pedigree.
    Ex CNG

    Thank you!
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