Roman art more photos from my trip to Roma

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    BDA8EEC9-6583-4C32-B178-C8D453CAF465.jpeg During my trip in Roma in January I was focus on Antic art and numismatic, shooting in museums and in the city all related too. This is the continuation of the post I did on Palazzo Massimo numismatic collection.

    Here some masterpiece of Capitollini museums Roma Italy :

    Famous Marcus Aurelius, this is the real one inside the museum , outside one is a copy.


    The hundreds busts of all consul, emperor, empress and family too much to see

    543C9608-C618-4E20-8C6F-258A8E6AB259.jpeg E280BB50-28FB-49DE-A9DE-7D78F196F0F6.jpeg 9A957AE2-D5FE-4EE9-B3A2-1D26E4E43B45.jpeg 920920BF-072C-46F2-863F-FCFAEE6A0692.jpeg 86139460-7F2F-4FBA-AFB5-AF6366FE7120.jpeg
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