Rolled MS coins.

Discussion in 'Coin Roll Hunting' started by Danigirl, Nov 28, 2018.

  1. Danigirl

    Danigirl New Member

    The definition of MS states uncirculated . Does that mean the coins looks like it's never been in circulation or that it has actually never been in circulation? I have found coins in a bank roll that have no blemish or wear. Would I call those perfect coins as example:MS 63
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  3. Kentucky

    Kentucky Supporter! Supporter

    If a coin shows no signs of wear it is uncirculated, no matter its previous history.
  4. Danigirl

    Danigirl New Member

    Thank you Kentucky. After buying my first rolled half dollars , I see in Red Book that too many of them are worth $3 or more. I hardly want to turn coins back in to cash to replenish my account. I don't want to be a leprechaun but I'm afraid I may be recycling a coin that I should have kept. It's a learning process I guess. Do you have any advice to give this beginner?
  5. toned_morgan

    toned_morgan Toning Lover

    Are you saying that you think you should keep all of the uncirculated coins?
  6. Idries Pappas

    Idries Pappas Collector of US Coinage and Stampage

    Light wear from circulation can be easily missed if you don't have proper lighting and a good magnifier. I think there's a way to detect light rub on coins with tensor lamps, but I can't remember how or where I read it.
  7. BooksB4Coins

    BooksB4Coins Newbieus Sempiterna

    The first bit of advice you'll want to understand is that what a guide claims and what the average collector is willing to pay is often two very different things, and is particularly true when it comes to coins that can be pulled from circulation and/or many moderns.

    You are right that coins pulled from circulation absolutely can grade MS. "Uncirculated" is a generic term that describes condition as opposed to a coin's actual history.
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  8. Idries Pappas

    Idries Pappas Collector of US Coinage and Stampage

    Just found it
    Here's the link >

    The article also has some other good tips.
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  9. Idries Pappas

    Idries Pappas Collector of US Coinage and Stampage

    I also want to point out that uncirculated modern coins are usually never worth much above face value. I usually wouldn't save a coin I get in change or coin roll hunting because it's uncirculated, but because it has value for other reasons.
  10. Danigirl

    Danigirl New Member

    Thank you all.
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  11. Kentucky

    Kentucky Supporter! Supporter

    Yeah, listen to Books...
  12. Jaelus

    Jaelus The Hungarian Antiquarian Supporter

    Uncirculated is a bad term. Obviously there's no way to tell if a coin has circulated or not. I mean you could slab an MS70 and then still use it in commerce (in the slab) and it would be a circulating coin.

    Use Mint State (MS) instead of uncirculated. It's much clearer and only describes the appearance of the coin, rather than some unknowable history.
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