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Discussion in 'Coin Roll Hunting' started by chicken_little, Oct 24, 2005.

  1. Moonshine

    Moonshine ....................

    I do the same in Excel. I copy and paste to a new spreadsheet, remove the columns with the names of the banks etc. and then paste to notepad then into CT.

    I'll start an April results thread.
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  3. Merc Crazy

    Merc Crazy Bumbling numismatic fool

    I laughed.
  4. hkalankc

    hkalankc New Member

    hi all :) newbies at CT :) great result today :) 1 full roll of 1993 BU halves, (23) 1967/68 halves, 1 roll of : 2000P $1, jackson, adams, jefferson in its original warp
  5. Screen

    Screen New Member

    Hey everyone, I searched my 3rd box of halves and got my first silver coin ('68D). I included a picture of a '95 half that appears to have a rim error. I also went through my first box of nickels and got 2 silvers. There also appeared to be two error nickels, but I'm not sure. One has a smoothed rounded rim on the reverse side. The other nickel appears to be stained. I actually think it may be a plating error and the copper may be exposed. I may be completely wrong. Any thoughts or information would be appreciated. Thanks! IMG_2796.jpg IMG_2797.jpg IMG_2798.jpg
  6. model77

    model77 Silver Stacker

    Looks like damage not errors to me. As for the "stained" coin, it's not an error either it's toned. Looks like it was popped in the oven and artificially toned if you ask me.

    Big run today. I have ton of CWR halves to go through. hopefully something good in there. So far 1 40% from loose teller tray.
  7. Atreides

    Atreides New Member

    Oooh let us know how it goes.

    Not sure about the half but neither of those nickels appear to be errors. You find crazily toned/stained nickels in circulation all the time, green blue red pretty much every color and tarnish pattern you can think of. They're not as bad as pennies, but nickels get pretty nasty. And I think that "rimless" nickel has just gotten worn down.
  8. Screen

    Screen New Member

    Great, thanks for the input.
  9. AceFranklin

    AceFranklin Member

    $280 of Brinks Halves: 4 x 1968 Ken's
    $20 in CWH's: Skunk
    $200 in MWD's: Skunk
    Box 1 of Dimes: 2 x Silver Roosie
    Box 2 of DImes: Skunk

    Caught a 1960 Rosie in the reject tray to make the haul for the day 3 x Roosie and 4 x Ken (40%)
  10. Lon Chaney

    Lon Chaney Well-Known Member

    Also nickels aren't plated, they're a nickel/copper alloy. Canadian nickels are plated now, though (as well as their other coins).
  11. clorox

    clorox Member

    $200 CWR dimes: One silver Roosie, one steel Canadian, and 2,004 clads.
  12. sjlund

    sjlund Member

    I've been searching dimes for the last week, with 7 roosies and 1 silver canadian to show for it!

  13. Intrepid

    Intrepid Active Member

    1 box of Nickels. 1943 P , 1 dateless Buffalo, beautiful 1965d and 1966. I was dumping coins today and there was an older man already there grumbling about the credit union not taking rolls. He was nice but slow. I offered him Ikes for the pennies he had left (about $10 worth). He sold them to me and I got to use the machine. The tellers were smirking because they thought that I got one over on him. They were wrong, I did it because I had to get to class and it saved me a ton of time.

  14. UNC Walker

    UNC Walker Member

    Tough day

    box of halves - skunk
    box of dimes - skunk
    Getting another box of halves Friday from another sourse, I hope that will bring some silver.
  15. Inquisitive

    Inquisitive Starting 2 know something

    Box of dimes - skunk
  16. Lon Chaney

    Lon Chaney Well-Known Member

    Best halves day in a while, but nothing too spectacular.
    $120 CWR - 1 90% Ken, 5 40%.
    And the 5 40%ers came from some rolls that the teller said were dumped by somebody who said they were looking for silver. So apparently they weren't looking too hard. I almost didn't take them, but I'm glad I did. Now I guess I'll always take halves that tellers say are dumps.
  17. 10gary22

    10gary22 Junior Member

    Finally finished the copper cents I sorted from the last box. Two 1960D small dates. One AU+ slider.

    Not much, but better than nothing, I guess.
  18. Hellofthenorth

    Hellofthenorth New Member

    Never got the call today that my halves are in, so I figured I'd get some dimes and I'm glad I did.
    $250 in CWR = 1 x Merc & 4 x Roosie :D
    I went through at least $100 or so and nothing, then came the Merc, then the Roosie's

    When I really look at it 5 x silver dimes is fantastic. I was happy getting a 40%er out of those Loomis boxes I was getting. This is like getting a 90%er out of half a box of halves. Dimes are much easier to dump and it gives me an excuse to hit up a bank that I have scored loose halves out of their teller trays.

    Giddy Up!
  19. Hellofthenorth

    Hellofthenorth New Member

    I forgot, they also had 7 Ikes they saved for me. Also another teller who was out at lunch had some halves for me "but they are all the copper ones". I don't think they're cherry picking silver, but they're not clueless when it comes to it. I've been training them well....
  20. hkalankc

    hkalankc New Member

    yes....when I get the coins out of the rolls, I can hear the differences with the sliver coins

    btw, today I visited a small local credit union, got 5 Ikes & 3 1979S out of (500) $1 :)
  21. Wporch

    Wporch New Member

    Well just got my first box of dimes, and nothing....oh well time to turn them in , and today I'm going to buy my first box of halves hope I find something.
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