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Discussion in 'Coin Roll Hunting' started by chicken_little, Oct 24, 2005.

  1. Hellofthenorth

    Hellofthenorth New Member

    You have to realize that some bank have their machines set up where the bag fills at $100 for the half dollars. This to me makes no sense at all when they have dimes and quarter bags filling at $500 or $1000. $500 in dimes weighs in at about 25lbs and $1000 in quarters weighs in at almost 50 lbs, the limit for these plastic bags essentially(50lbs). When they change the bag at $100 in halves it only weighs about 5lbs, wastng the plastic bag and the tellers time. I think we realize we are fortunate and the people on this forum are considerate in their methods IMHO. If the banks let me do it, I'm going to continue, I think CRHing is a blast and a great hobby.
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  3. WarNickelFinder

    WarNickelFinder Active Member

    Out of $100 in nickels I found 32 early Jeffersons (oldest was 1940), six Canadians, one Bermuda five cents, and a very corroded 1911 Liberty Head. This is the second Liberty Head I found in circulation (first was a 1908 from a teller), and it's the first I've found in a roll.

    War Nickels and Buffalos have dried up for me, I hope that changes soon.
  4. Kevinfred

    Kevinfred Junior Member

    I did NOT want to start a debate on this... but here goes. Kasia how much do you think a bank spends 'disposing' of, say, $2000 of loose change? Not the cost of the machine (which is substantial) OR the cost of the labor, but the pure cost of coin disposal?
  5. AceFranklin

    AceFranklin Member

    Found a 1968 Kennedy at lunch when I stopped by a bank on my way to dump $500,000 in pennies!!! :eek:
  6. Kasia

    Kasia Got my learning hat on

    I don't know and am not too concerned

    Actually, I have no idea of what the cost to the bank is for the cost of loose change. I would think they are responsible for the cost of the machine, bags, and maintenance/repair of such. I don't know the cost for the bank to order or to send back coin to their supplier. I do know that generally they have to send (so I'm told a one of the banks) the bags of coin to be "verified" and sometimes it is over and sometimes under count.

    From the cost they charge (at the bank) to non-customers, which is 10 percent of change put in, compared to the local groceries and wal-mart that has coin machines that generally "cost" the consumer 8-9 percent, I would think that there should be a healthy markup, and that the machines there are making money (outside the bank) otherwise they would not be there, I'm sure. So if the bank has to pay 1-2 percent of coin, then 5,000 a week is 50-100 dollars to the bank costs. I don't even know if it's that high, but the bank institutes and "makes money" off customers all the time with overdraft fees and costs of not maintaining minimum balances, etc. so I really am not concerned if it costs them a bit to do this.
    Also, If it does cost 1 to 2 percent or so, then when people are charged to use it, they still have 7-9 percent they are making off it, and it is their choice to have one rather than to have tellers or clerks deal with getting a lot of change, loose or in rolls.

    I won't go on, as I am not replying in order to have a debate on this. I don't think a debate is neccessary. Bottom line, is if there are coin machines and you can use them without costing yourself, then there is no crime in using it. The bank I use is profiting from me, again because I am their customer and have the potential to do business with them for many years or refer others (not neccessarily roll searchers) to them. Again I think it is good business on their part. At the point that the banks can find a way to get money out of roll-searchers, I'm sure they will. And if I'm wrong, then so be it. I've been wrong many times in my life.
  7. Hellofthenorth

    Hellofthenorth New Member

    Another loose teller tray score??? Nice!
  8. AceFranklin

    AceFranklin Member

    That makes 5 in the last two days! Also have 2 boxes of dimes to search tonight.
  9. Hellofthenorth

    Hellofthenorth New Member

    You touched on it a bit...The banks are making money when these machines count your dimes as cents. I can't tell you how many times that has happened to me for several dollars. When the bags go out to be counted they get issued more money than they gave out...$$$$ for them.
  10. Hellofthenorth

    Hellofthenorth New Member

    Good job Ace, I guess the people around here are too smart to put those 40%ers back into circulation.
  11. AceFranklin

    AceFranklin Member

    2 dime boxes tonight...4 Silver Rosies.
  12. Kanderus

    Kanderus Active Member

    No silver in long while, but I did get a 1912 Liberty Nickel in about G-VG. Stoked as it is my first AND I need it for my 20th Cent. Type set. Trading my boss a 1901-O Morgan for a Peace Dollar tomorrow, also for the type set.
  13. Manbeast

    Manbeast Collector

    searched 1 box of dimes and found a '52D and '80S.
  14. b money

    b money New Member

    Searched $150 in halves found 11 40% and one 90% also searched a $500 bag of dimes and found 5 rosies, still got 2 boxes of nickels to go through.
  15. mishra142

    mishra142 New Member

    Got $200 of halves last week customer wrapped and it must have been newbie luck found 34 40%ers. Got my first box of halves today from the bank... skunk. Gonna see about getting a bag a halves tomorrow if not will get a box of pennies.
  16. jensenbay

    jensenbay Well-Known Member

    Made a couple stops today. 9 bwr of halves = 2 40%'s and $150 in loose and cwr's = one 64 :). 5 rolls of quarters... nothing. Also, picked up 2 ikes.
  17. Inquisitive

    Inquisitive Starting 2 know something

    box of dimes, 1 '54
  18. dicedealer

    dicedealer New Member

    got $110 in halves yesterday and found 4 40%ers and 1 franklin.
  19. Hellofthenorth

    Hellofthenorth New Member

    Great looking coin. I'm glad you saved it from circulation
  20. Inquisitive

    Inquisitive Starting 2 know something

    box of dimes, skunk
  21. AceFranklin

    AceFranklin Member

    Cashed in today at TD at Lunch. 2 x Silver Rosies, 1 x Silver Quarter, and 1 Euro from the reject tray. Also, they had 13 Ikes that I grabbed. Some are in amazing shape.

    Got a box of dimes, box of nickels, and a bag of dimes from another bank containing $343.40 to search tonight.

    Ironically, I found an Angel coin on Saturday at TD Bank while cashing in, along with a ton of foreign coin stuck to the magnet. Ever since this Angel came along I've been hitting silver every day! I'm keeping her!

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