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Discussion in 'Coin Roll Hunting' started by chicken_little, Oct 24, 2005.

  1. Tuco

    Tuco Active Member

    Got in an order of 6 boxes of halves and 2 quarters but found out at pick-up the coin shortage has hit my bank and probably on CRH vacation until further notice. My guess the coin shortage will mysteriously end on Wednesday, November 4th ;)

    Little bit of everything with the halves, 5.5 oz of silver, proofs, NIFCs, '74 DDO, possible clipped planchet. Quarters here have been really tough this year, doing them in the morning.

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  3. TexAg

    TexAg Well-Known Member

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  4. Tuco

    Tuco Active Member

    2 quarter boxes didn't have any Ws, but there were 2 spitting horses and an AZ extra cactus leaf :)
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  5. Bman33

    Bman33 Well-Known Member

    Haven't checked in in awhile. I can't get much CRH in due to the shortage. One bank still reserves a box of halves for me but that's about it. No silver at all in a few months.
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  6. softmentor

    softmentor Well-Known Member

    so, silver price is going through the roof. are y'all selling or holding?
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  7. -jeffB

    -jeffB Greshams LEO Supporter

    I usually sell at a local show, so with those not happening, I'm holding. Would normally sell some into this kind of rise, but I'm content to wait and see.
  8. Tuco

    Tuco Active Member

    I called my bank in the boonies today, 59 miles one way, and am picking up 6 boxes of halves on Thursday. With my 4Runners gas mileage I'll be starting my next hunt in a -$12 hole but I have CRH fever and can't stop! :)
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  9. berto

    berto Well-Known Member

    @softmentor I buy and sell coins regardless of silver price. I enjoy buying and selling anytime.
  10. Bman33

    Bman33 Well-Known Member

    sold $250 Face at a show a couple of weeks ago. I had a dealer table so I got a good price. I still have plenty and "Dollar Cost Sell".
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  11. Tuco

    Tuco Active Member

    Today's halves were like Vegas when the house wins, but I did have a nice drive in the country :)

    Box 1 - two 1968s
    2 - skunked, two halves missing
    3 - skunked, three halves missing
    4 - skunked
    5 - skunked
    6 - skunked

    They're really not joking when they say there's a coin shortage ;)
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  12. softmentor

    softmentor Well-Known Member

    I have suggested it before but now seems like a good time to mention it again. Hey we all know we keep seeing the same halves time and time again. The best thing we can do to see less skunk boxes is to put lots into circulation. Right now with a shortage of coin, various retail locations that use coin will likely consider using halves in making change. So its never been a better time to get halves into circulation. Try paying for your next burger or coffee with a roll of halves. Then mention to the manager that you have more if they want them. i know some will take you up on it. This way the same ol' halves don't dilute the good ones as much. To say it another way. If you get rid of 20% of your dump by putting it into circulation, your future boxes could be 20% more silver per box average.
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  13. TexAg

    TexAg Well-Known Member

    I haven’t posted in awhile because my local banks haven’t had any half boxes. Do, I drove over to the neighboring town and picked up a $90 coin machine bag, $5 loose, and 4 Brinks boxes. The loose were a skunk, but the bag had:
    2 x 1968-D
    Presidential Dollar
    Car wash token
    12 cents
    The dollar coin and token were counted as halves, so I made 12 cents face value profit, lol. It was good to find silver again.

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  14. TexAg

    TexAg Well-Known Member

    2 of my 4 boxes now searched:
    3 x 40%ers
    9 x clad proofs
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  15. afm1982

    afm1982 Miami has the Dolphins...

    I do this frequently. I usually keep a roll in my car just for drive-thru purchases, and always add a few halfs into the payment.
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  16. Momof4

    Momof4 Active Member

  17. berto

    berto Well-Known Member

    1 bank tonight had 1 CWR and 1 loose half...The loose was not collectible, but as soon as I poured the CWR into my hand I heard the “clunk” of a magician’s coin...1978D. I didn’t bother to open it.

    Unbelievably, there was also a ‘64D, which is my first 90% half since before covid restrictions began in March...I’m happy!
  18. bditto39

    bditto39 Active Member

    Can't get boxes right now but a lady I work with gave me a bag of pennies because she hates having them around. It was 80% shield cents, but i found some great stuff nonetheless!
    1984 with obverse CUD
    1993 D with an interesting lamination on the mint mark
    20200802_001226.jpg 20200802_001220.jpg
    1961 RPM Wexler #47
    20200802_001411.jpg 20200802_001423.jpg
    2017 DDO extra thickness on date. It's similar to wexler's #17 but not an exact match, so it could be one not pictured. When compared to other 2017's it definitely has some extra thickness to it and it is slightly evident on the 0 in the picture. Ill send this one off to Wexler next time I ship to him.

    So not a bad bag of pennies...probably $15 worth. Im pleased with this for sure.
  19. dosequis4me

    dosequis4me New Member

    20200805_194023.jpg My credit union rarely has half dollar rolls but today they let me in to take care of some other business. When I asked about halves I was surprised to hear they had 22 customer wrapped rolls. I took them all.

    Searched them when I got home and am happy to report I ended up with 5 Franklin's and 27 40% JFK's.

    Never had this kind of luck before.
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  20. Darchangel

    Darchangel Active Member

    Miss y'all, hope everyone is staying safe. Wish I could say I've been hunting especially during the past 6 months, but I still don't even know if or where I could dump cuz I think my local CUs still won't allow access to the coin machines.
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  21. berto

    berto Well-Known Member

    $210 CWR halves yielded zilch.
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